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count /kaʊnt/ verb
count noun [countable]

تعداد ایمپولز ، حساب امتیازهای یک ضربه بیلیارد ناتوانی درانداختن تمام میله های بولینگ ، کنت ، شمار ، شمردن ، حساب کردن ، پنداشتن ، فرض کردن ، علوم مهندسی: تعداد جریان های ضربه ای شمردن ، کامپیوتر: شمارش ، ورزش: تعداد امتیاز توپزن ، تداد میله های افتاده با گوی اول بولینگ بعد از کسب استرایک
الکترونیک: شمارش ، کامپیوتر: تعداد ایمپولز ، تعداد جریان های ضربه ای شمردن ، علوم مهندسی: تعداد امتیاز توپزن ، بیس بال : ، حساب امتیازهای یک ضربه بیلیارد ناتوانی درانداختن تمام میله های بولینگ ، تداد میله های افتاده با گوی اول بولینگ بعد از کسب استرایک ، ورزشی: کنت ، شمار، شمردن ، حساب کردن ، پنداشتن ، فرض کردن کامپیوتر: شمارش

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- add (up), calculate, compute, enumerate, number, reckon, tally, tot up
- matter, be important, carry weight, rate, signify, tell, weigh
- consider, deem, judge, look upon, rate, regard, think
- take into account or consideration, include, number among
- calculation, computation, enumeration, numbering, poll, reckoning, sum, tally
Related Words: add, cast, figure, foot, sum, tot, total, calculate, compute, estimate, reckon, tell off
English Thesaurus: calculate, work out, figure out, count, total, ...

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I. count1 S2 W3 /kaʊnt/ verb
[Word Family: noun: count, recount, counter; verb: count, recount; adjective: countableuncountable, countless]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: conter, from Latin computare; compute]

1. FIND THE TOTAL [transitive] (also count up) to calculate the total number of things or people in a group:
I was amazed at the number of plants – I counted 147.
count (up) how many
Count up how many ticks are in each box.

2. SAY NUMBERS [intransitive] (also count up) to say numbers in order, one by one or in groups
count to
Sarah can count up to five now.
count by twos/fives etc
It’s quicker to count by tens (=saying 10, 20, 30 ...).

3. BE ALLOWED [intransitive and transitive] to be allowed or accepted, or to allow or accept something, according to a standard, set of ideas, or set of rules:
A linesman had his flag up so the kick did not count.
count as
Locally produced sales by American firms in Japan do not count as exports.
Today’s session is counted as training, so you will get paid.
count towards
Results from the two rounds count towards championship points.

4. INCLUDE [transitive] to include someone or something in a total:
There are more than two thousand of us, not counting the crew.
count somebody/something among something
I count Jules and Ady among my closest friends.

5. CONSIDER SOMETHING [transitive] to consider someone or something in a particular way
count somebody/something as something
I don’t count him as a friend any more.
You should count yourself lucky that you weren’t hurt.

6. IMPORTANT [intransitive not in progressive] to be important or valuable:
First impressions really do count.
count for
His promises don’t count for much.
His overseas results count for nothing.

7. I/you can count somebody/something on (the fingers of) one hand spoken used to emphasize how small the number of something is:
The number of cougar attacks on humans can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

8. don’t count your chickens (before they’re hatched) spoken used to say that you should not make plans that depend on something good happening, because it might not:
I wouldn’t count your chickens, Mr Vass. I’ve agreed to sign the contract, but that’s all.

9. count your blessings spoken used to tell someone to be grateful for the good things in their life

10. be counting (down) the minutes/hours/days to be waiting eagerly for something to happen:
I'm counting the days until I see you again.

11. count the cost to start having problems as a result of your earlier decisions or mistakes:
We’re now counting the cost of not taking out medical insurance.

12. who’s counting? used to say that you are not worried about the number of times something happens – often used humorously:
Apparently the next Star Trek film (number six, but who’s counting?) will definitely be the last.

13. and counting especially spoken used to say that an amount is continuing to increase:
At eight days and counting, this is the longest strike so far.

14. count sheep to imagine a line of sheep jumping over a fence, one at a time, and count them as a way of getting to sleep
stand up and be counted at stand1(5), ⇒ it’s the thought that counts at thought2(12)

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II. count2 noun [countable]
[Word Family: noun: count, recount, counter; verb: count, recount; adjective: countableuncountable, countless]
[Sense 1-8: Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: conte, from conter; count1]
[Sense 9: Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: conte, from Latin comes 'person you are with, member of the emperor's court', from com- ( ⇒ COM-) + ire 'to go']

1. TOTAL the process of counting, or the total that you get when you count things:
Hold your breath for a count of ten.

2. MEASUREMENT a measurement that shows how much of a substance is present in a place, area etc that is being examined:
The pollen count is high today.

3. lose count to forget a number you were calculating or a total you were trying to count
lose count of
There have been so many accidents here, the police have lost count of them.

4. keep count to keep a record of the changing total of something over a period of time
keep count of
I never manage to keep count of what I spend on my credit card.

5. on all/several/both etc counts in every way, in several ways etc:
It was important that they secured a large and widespread audience. They failed on both counts.

6. at the last count according to the latest information about a particular situation:
At the last count, I had 15 responses to my letter.

7. be out for the count
a) to be in a deep sleep
b) if a boxer is out for the count, he has been knocked down for ten seconds or more

8. LAW technical one of the crimes that someone is charged with:
Davis was found not guilty on all counts.
count of theft/burglary/murder etc
He was charged with two counts of theft.

9. RANK/TITLE a European nobleman with a high rank

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I. act of counting
VERB + COUNT do, have We did a quick count of the children and there were none missing.
PREP. for a ~ Raise your leg and hold it there for a count of ten.
PHRASES at the last/latest count At the last count she had 43 cats!

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II. measurement/total
ADJ. high | low | blood, calorie, cell, pollen, sperm The pollen count is very high in the spring.
body, head The movie depends on good dialogue rather than violence and a high body count. The firm now has a head count of around 70 staff.
VERB + COUNT keep Keep a count of your calorie intake for one week.
lose I've lost count of the times I've heard that joke.
COUNT + VERB go up, increase, rise | drop, go down Her white cell count has gone down again.

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See: stand up and be counted

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