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couple /ˈkʌpəl/ noun

تزویج شدن ، زن و شوهر ، زوج یا جفت (دینامیک) ، زوج ، دوتا ، زن وشوهر ، بهم بستن ، پیوستن ، جفت کردن ، جفت شدن ، وصل کردن ، علوم مهندسی: جفت شدن درگیر شدن ، عمران: زوج ، معماری: جفت نیرو ، قانون ـ فقه: دو نامزد ، ورزش: جفت نیرو ، علوم هوایی: زوج نیرو
- pair, brace, duo, two, twosome
- link, connect, hitch, join, marry, pair, unite, wed, yoke
Related Words: hook up, inspan, span, team, yoke
English Thesaurus: pair, a couple (of something), couple, twins, duo, ...

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I. couple1 S1 W1 AC /ˈkʌpəl/ noun
[Word Family: noun: couple, coupling; verb: couple]
[Date: 1200-1300; Language: Old French; Origin: cople, from Latin copula; copula]

1. a couple
a) two things or people of the same kind Synonym : a few
a couple of
There are a couple of girls waiting for you.
b) a small number of things:
I just need to make a couple more calls.
a couple of
You’ll be all right in a couple of days.

2. [countable] two people who are married or having a sexual or romantic relationship:
a newly married couple
the couple next door

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II. couple2 AC verb
[Word Family: noun: couple, coupling; verb: couple]

1. [transitive] to join or fasten two things together
couple something to something
Each element is mathematically coupled to its neighbours.

2. [intransitive] formal to have sex
couple something with something phrasal verb [usually passive]
if one thing is coupled with another, the two things happen or exist together and produce a particular result Synonym : combine:
Lack of rain coupled with high temperatures caused the crops to fail.

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ADJ. beautiful, handsome, lovely | elderly, middle-aged, retired, teenage, young | bridal, honeymoon, married, newly-married, newly-wed The bridal couple stood up for the first dance. The hotel was full of honeymoon couples.
cohabiting, unmarried | heterosexual | gay, homosexual, lesbian, same-sex | childless, infertile childless couples seeking to adopt
VERB + COUPLE make They make a beautiful couple.
PHRASES the happy couple (= the bride and groom) We stood and drank a toast to the happy couple.

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a young/middle-aged/elderly couple
A young couple with a baby have just moved into the house next door.
a married couple
Under the new rules, a married couple will now receive £20 a week extra.
a newly married couple (=having married not long ago)
Many newly married couples cannot afford to buy their own homes.
an unmarried couple
She rented the room to a young, unmarried couple.
a childless couple (=without children)
Are childless couples more or less likely to split up?
a retired couple (=having finished working at the end of their working lives)
The house is suitable for a retired couple.
the happy couple (=the bride and bridegroom at their wedding)
Guests stood around the happy couple, their glasses raised.
a perfect couple (=a couple that seem very suitable for each other)
Emily and John seemed a perfect couple.
a courting couple old-fashioned (=having a romantic relationship, often planning to get married later)
The path by the river is a popular area for courting couples.
they make a lovely couple (=look very attractive together/suit each other well)
You two would make a lovely couple.

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