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sport /spɔːt $ spɔːrt/ noun

سرگرمی ، شوخی ، شکار وماهیگری و امثال ان ، الت بازی ، بازیچه ، سرگرم کردن ، نمایش تفریحی ، بازی کردن ، پوشیدن وبرخ دیگران کشیدن ورزش وتفریح کردن ، ورزش: ورزش
- game, amusement, diversion, exercise, pastime, play, recreation
- fun, badinage, banter, jest, joking, teasing
- wear, display, exhibit, show off
Related Words: jollification, antics, high jinks, horseplay

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I. sport1 S2 W2 /spɔːt $ spɔːrt/ noun
[Word Family: adjective: sporting, unsporting, sporty; verb: sport; noun: sport]
[Date: 1300-1400; Origin: disport]

a) [countable] a physical activity in which people compete against each other:
My favourite sports are tennis and swimming.
a sports team
All students are encouraged to take part in a sport.
He picked up the newspaper and turned to the sports pages.
b) [uncountable] British English sports in general:
Why is there so much sport on TV?
I always hated sport at school.
The uncountable use of sport is British English only:
I’m not interested in sport. In American English, the plural sports is used:
He likes watching sports on TV.

2. HUNTING [countable] an activity that people do in the countryside, especially hunting or fishing:
the sport of falconry
a demonstration by people opposed to blood sports (=sports that involve killing animals)

3. HELPFUL PERSON [countable usually singular] (also good sport) old-fashioned a helpful cheerful person who lets you enjoy yourself
be a sport (=used when asking someone to help you)
Be a sport and lend me your bike.

4. a good sport someone who does not get angry when they lose at a game or sport

5. a bad/poor sport someone who gets angry very easily when they lose at a game or sport

6. MAN/BOY spoken
a) Australian English used when speaking to someone, especially a man, in a friendly way:
See you later, sport.
b) American English old-fashioned used when speaking to a boy in a friendly way

7. FUN [uncountable] old-fashioned fun or amusement:
Did she torment him merely for sport?

8. make sport of somebody old-fashioned to joke about someone in a way that makes them seem stupid
field sports, water sports, winter sports

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II. sport2 verb
[Word Family: adjective: sporting, unsporting, sporty; verb: sport; noun: sport]

1. be sporting something to be wearing something or have something on your body and show it to people in a proud way:
Eric was sporting a new camelhair coat.

2. [intransitive] literary to play together happily:
the sight of dolphins sporting amidst the waves

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ADJ. mainstream, major, popular popular field sports such as football
minor, minority | amateur, professional, semi-professional | competitive | inter-club, inter-school, etc. | contact, non-contact In theory, basketball is a non-contact sport.
active | dangerous, hazardous, risky | gruelling | spectator | indoor, outdoor | summer, winter | individual, team | adventure the inherent dangers of adventure sports such as mountaineering
field | country | motor | water | combat Combat sports such as karate and judo carry with them the risk of injury.
racket | equestrian | blood, cruel
VERB + SPORT do, play He does a lot of sport. We played sports together when we were kids.
take up I need to take up a sport to get fit. SPORT + NOUN (The following nouns all follow sports.), event | centre, club, facilities, field, ground, hall, pavilion, stadium, venue | day the school sports day
person, personality, star | team | enthusiast, fan, follower | commentator | channel, coverage, page, paper Sports coverage in the local newspaper is quite good.
correspondent, editor, journalist, photographer, reporter, writer | injury | bag | equipment | goods | clothes/clothing | shop
PREP. in ~ the use of dogs in sport
PHRASES the world of sport

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play (a) sport
My ambition was to play sport at the highest level.
take part in (a) sport
Students are encouraged to take part in a sport of some kind.
do sport British English, do sports American English
I did a lot of sport at school.
take up a sport (=start doing it)
I took up the sport six years ago.
compete in a sport (=do that sport in competitions)
She competed in various sports when she was young.
a team sport
I liked playing team sports such as football and rugby.
an individual sport
You have to be mentally tough to compete in individual sports.
a spectator sport (=one that people enjoy watching)
Football is the most popular spectator sport.
competitive sport(s) (=in which people compete and try to win)
Competitive sport teaches valuable lessons which last for life.
a contact sport (=one in which players have physical contact with each other)
People get hurt in contact sports, but they also have fun.
a winter sport (=skiing, ice skating etc)
More and more people are taking up winter sports.
an extreme sport (=one that is dangerous)
Many teenagers are attracted to extreme sports such as snowboarding.
professional sport(s) (=which people are paid to do)
The kind of money involved in professional sport makes cheating inevitable.
a minority sport (=one that very few people do)
Minority sports rarely feature on TV.
a sports team
A lot of schools have their own sports teams.
a sports club
She joined her local sports club.
a sports field/ground
The village has its own sports field.
a sports event
Is this country able to stage a major sports event?
a sports fan (=someone who enjoys watching sport)
He was a big sports fan.
a sports personality (=someone who is famous for playing sport)
The event will be opened by a well-known sports personality.
sports facilities
All our holiday camps have wonderful sports facilities.
sports equipment
a new online store selling all kinds of sports equipment
a sports injury
The clinic specializes in treating sports injuries.

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BAD: Sports help us to keep fit.
GOOD: Sport helps us to keep fit.

Usage Note:
a sport (countable) = a particular type of sport: 'Cricket is a very popular sport in Yorkshire.'
sport (uncountable) = sport in general: 'She writes articles on sport and travel.' 'I'm not very good at sport.'

BAD: I need some new sport shoes.
GOOD: I need some new sports shoes.
BAD: She bought a bright red sport car.
GOOD: She bought a bright red sports car.

Usage Note:
Use sports in front of a noun (NOT sport ): 'a sports centre', 'a sports club', 'sports equipment', 'sports injuries'.

BAD: He makes all types of sport.
GOOD: He does all types of sport.

Usage Note:
l do sport (NOT make ): 'Do you do any sport at school?'

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