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crucial /ˈkruːʃəl/ adjective

وخیم ، بسیار سخت ، قاطع ، روانشناسی: تعیین کننده
مهندسی صنایع: بحرانی ، قطعی ، سخت ، بسیار مهم

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- vital, essential, high-priority, important, momentous, pressing, urgent
- critical, central, decisive, pivotal
Related Words: deciding, decisive, important, necessary, vital, clamorous, compelling, crying, imperative, insistent, pressing
English Thesaurus: essential, vital, crucial, indispensable, something is a must, ...

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crucial W2 AC /ˈkruːʃəl/ adjective
[Word Family: adverb: crucially; adjective: crucial]
[Date: 1700-1800; Language: French; Origin: 'cross-shaped', from Latin crux; cross2]
something that is crucial is extremely important, because everything else depends on it Synonym : vital
crucial to
This aid money is crucial to the government’s economic policies.
crucial in/to doing something
The work of monks was crucial in spreading Christianity.
play a crucial role/part in something
The city of Mycenae played a crucial role in the history of Greece.
The conservation of tropical forests is of crucial importance.
—crucially adverb

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VERBS be, prove | become | remain | consider sth, deem sth, regard sth as, see sth as
ADV. really | absolutely It's absolutely crucial that we get this right.
fairly, quite | hardly | clearly, obviously
PREP. for The talks are crucial for the success of the plan.
to Secrecy is crucial to this police operation.

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play a crucial role/part in something
Parents play a crucial role in preparing their children for adult life.
be of crucial importance
Good leadership is of crucial importance in motivating staff.
absolutely crucial
Technology has an absolutely crucial role in modern medicine.
prove crucial (=be crucial)
His appointment was to prove crucial to the organization’s success.
remain crucial
Logging remains crucial to the country’s economy.
regard/consider something as crucial
The city was regarded as crucial to the area’s defence.
a crucial factor/part/element
The cost of the project is the crucial factor.
a crucial point
This was a crucial point in our relationship.
a crucial question
She seemed to be trying to avoid the crucial question.
a crucial issue
The study of consumer behaviour is a crucial issue in marketing.
a crucial difference
There is a crucial difference between the British and American attitudes.
a crucial moment/time
At the crucial moment, he withdrew the support of the army.
a crucial stage
The peace talks are now at a crucial stage.
a crucial decision/step
Choosing a career is a crucial decision to make.
crucial information
The government did not publicize this crucial information.
crucial evidence
The prosecution had forgotten one piece of crucial evidence.

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