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cupboard /ˈkʌbəd $ -ərd/ noun [countable]

قفسه ، گنجه ظروف غذا وغیره ، معماری: گنجه
Synonyms: cabinet, press

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cupboard S2 /ˈkʌbəd $ -ərd/ noun [countable]
[Date: 1500-1600; Origin: cupboard 'shelf or table for cups' (14-18 centuries)]

1. a piece of furniture with doors, and sometimes shelves, used for storing clothes, plates, food etc ⇒ closet, wardrobe, cabinet:
It’s in the kitchen cupboard.
The cupboard doors were open.

2. the cupboard is bare used to say that there is no money etc left that can be used:
The workers have been told not to expect a pay rise because the cupboard is bare.
airing cupboard, ⇒ skeleton in the cupboard at skeleton(5)

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ADJ. big, deep, large | little, small, tiny | high, low | walk-in | built-in, fitted | private | bare, empty | wall | bathroom, bedside, kitchen, hall | airing, broom, coat, clothes, drinks, food, linen, medicine, stationery, storage, store There's a broom cupboard under the stairs.
VERB + CUPBOARD open | close | look in | put sth in Put the clothes in the airing cupboard.
keep sth in
CUPBOARD + VERB be full of sth The cupboard was full of old toys.
CUPBOARD + NOUN door | unit We had some new cupboard units fitted in the kitchen.
space Do you have much cupboard space in your new house?
PREP. in a/the ~ Put the plates in the cupboard.

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a kitchen cupboard
The kitchen cupboards were empty.
a bathroom/hall/bedroom cupboard British English
Your boots are in the hall cupboard.
a built-in/fitted cupboard British English (=ones that are there permanently and cannot be moved)
The kitchen has built-in cupboards.
a wall cupboard British English (=fixed to the wall, not on the floor)
Wall cupboards provide extra storage in the garage.
a storage cupboard British English (=for storing things)
There's a storage cupboard under the stairs.
a food/medicine/clothes cupboard British English
The medicine cupboard's in the bathroom.
a drinks cupboard British English (=for drinks, especially alcoholic ones)
He went to the drinks cupboard and poured a whisky.
an airing cupboard British English (=a warm cupboard for sheets and towels)
a linen cupboard British English (=for sheets and towels)
a broom cupboard (=for brushes and other things you use to clean the house)
a bedside cupboard British English (=a small cupboard beside a bed)

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