cut back
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cut back
Synonyms: shorten, abbreviate, abridge, curtail, cut, retrench, slash, reduce, clip, cut down, lower, mark down, pare, shave
English Thesaurus: reduce, cut, lower, bring something down, slash, ...

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cut back phrasal verb (see also cut)

1. to reduce the amount, size, cost etc of something
cut back on
Several major hospitals are cutting back on staff at the moment.
cut something ↔ back
Education spending cannot be cut back any further.
Richer countries must do more to cut back carbon emissions.cutback

2. cut something ↔ back to remove the top part of a plant in order to help it to grow:
Cut back the shoots in spring to encourage bushier growth.

3. to eat, drink, or use less of something, especially in order to improve your health
cut back on
Try to cut back on foods containing wheat and dairy products.

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cut back
to use fewer or less of something
The company has been cutting back on entertainment expenses recently.

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cut back
1. To change direction suddenly while going at full speed.
The halfback started to his left, cut back to his right, and ran for a touchdown.
2. To use fewer or use less.
After the big job was finished, the builder cut back the number of men working for him.
The school employed forty teachers until a lower budget forced it to cut back.

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