cut down
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خرد کردن ، خلاصه کردن ، تقلیل دادن ، ورزش: زمین زدن حریف
cut down
- fell, hew, level, lop
- reduce, decrease, lessen, lower

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cut down phrasal verb (see also cut)

1. REDUCE to reduce the amount of something
cut something ↔ down
Installing double-glazing will cut down the noise from traffic.
cut down on
By getting the design right, you can cut down on accidents.

2. EAT/USE LESS to eat, drink, or use less of something, especially in order to improve your health:
I’ve always smoked, but I’m trying to cut down.
cut down on
Cut down on fatty foods if you want to lose weight.

3. TREE cut something ↔ down to cut through the main part of a tree so that it falls on the ground

4. KILL cut somebody ↔ down literary to kill or injure someone, especially in a battle:
Hundreds of men were cut down by crossbow fire.

5. REDUCE LENGTH cut something ↔ down to reduce the length of something such as a piece of writing:
Your essay’s too long – it needs cutting down a little.

6. cut somebody down to size to make someone realize that they are not as important, successful etc as they think they are

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cut down
v. To lessen; reduce; limit.
Tom had to cut down expenses.
The doctor told Mr. Jones to cut down on smoking.

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