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damage /ˈdæmɪdʒ/ noun
damage verb [transitive]

اسیب دیدن ، ضرر زدن ، خسارت دیدن اسیب ، ضرر ، گزند ، غرامت ، معیوب کردن ، خسارت زدن ، زیان زدن ، اسیب ، علوم مهندسی: خسارت ، معماری: اسیب ، قانون ـ فقه: ضرر ، روانشناسی: اسیب ، بازرگانی: اسیب ، تاوان ، علوم نظامی: ضایعات رزمی

: damage(s)

زیان ، تاوان ، لطمه ، غرامت ممانعت از حق ، مزاحمت ، خسارت وارد اوردن ، قانون ـ فقه: معیوب کردن صدمه زدن
مهندسی صنایع: خسارت ، زیان ، عیب پزشکی: آسیب

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- harm, hurt, impair, injure, ruin, spoil, weaken, wreck
- harm, destruction, detriment, devastation, hurt, injury, loss, suffering
- cost, bill, charge, expense
Antonyms: repair
Contrasted words: amelioration, betterment, improvement, benefit, profit, advantage, service, use, ameliorate, amend, better, improve, mend
Related Words: impairment, marring, deterioration, dilapidation, disrepair, ruining, wrecking, deleteriousness, disadvantage, drawback, demolish, destroy, raze, ruin, wreck, deteriorate, dilapidate, abuse, ill-treat, maltreat, mistreat, misuse, outrage
English Thesaurus: damage, harm, spoil, vandalize, sabotage, ...

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I. damage1 S3 W2 /ˈdæmɪdʒ/ noun
[Word Family: noun: damage, damages; verb: damage; adjective: damaging]
[Date: 1200-1300; Language: Old French; Origin: dam 'damage', from Latin damnum; damn4]

1. PHYSICAL HARM [uncountable] physical harm that is done to something or to a part of someone’s body, so that it is broken or injured
damage to
damage to property
These chemicals have been found to cause serious environmental damage.
There may be permanent brain damage. brain .
His eyesight suffered irreparable damage.

2. EMOTIONAL HARM [uncountable] harm caused to someone’s emotions or mind:
The death of a parent can cause long-lasting psychological damage.

3. BAD EFFECT [uncountable] a bad effect on something
damage to
The damage to his reputation was considerable.
The closure of the factory will cause severe damage to the local economy.
damage limitation/control
the attempts at political damage control during the scandal

4. damages [plural] law money that a court orders someone to pay to someone else as a punishment for harming them or their property ⇒ compensation:
The court awarded him £15,000 in damages.

5. the damage is done used to say that something bad has happened which makes it impossible to go back to the way things were before it happened:
She immediately apologized, but the damage was done.

6. what’s the damage? spoken used humorously to ask how much you have to pay for something

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II. damage2 S3 W3 verb [transitive]
[Word Family: noun: damage, damages; verb: damage; adjective: damaging]

1. to cause physical harm to something or to part of someone’s body:
insects that damage crops
badly/severely/seriously damage
Smoking can severely damage your health.

2. to have a bad effect on something or someone in a way that makes them weaker or less successful:
The changes in share values have damaged investor confidence.

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I. harm/injury
ADJ. considerable, enormous, great, serious, severe, substantial, untold | minor, slight | extensive, widespread | irreparable, irreversible, lasting, long-term, permanent The incident did permanent damage to relations between the two countries.
criminal, malicious, wilful He was prosecuted for criminal damage to a vehicle.
accidental The insurance policy covers the building for accidental damage.
emotional, environmental, mechanical, psychological, structural | brain She suffered serious brain damage at birth.
VERB + DAMAGE cause, do, inflict The earthquake caused widespread damage to property. They inflicted severe psychological damage on their opponents.
suffer | repair | prevent
PREP. ~ by The palace suffered extensive damage by fire in 1825. | ~ from Crops are sprayed with chemicals to prevent damage from insects.
~ to lasting damage to the environment
PHRASES the cost/value of the damage The cost of the damage is estimated at around $2 billion.
the extent of the damage At the moment it is difficult to assess the extent of the damage.

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II. damages: money you can claim from sb
ADJ. heavy, substantial
VERB + DAMAGE incur, suffer damages incurred by the unfairly sacked workers
claim, seek, sue (sb) for He decided to sue the company for damages.
assess The court will assess the damages. | apportion, award (sb) | pay (sb) | obtain, receive, recover, win | be liable for, be liable in (law) If goods are lost in transit, the carrier will be liable for damages.
DAMAGE + NOUN action, claim A woman is to bring a civil damages action against the men she alleges murdered her son.
PREP. in ~ They are claiming £45 million in damages.
~ for He received damages for personal injury.
~ of She was awarded damages of £90,000.
PHRASES an action/a claim for damages The judge upheld her claim for damages against her former employer.

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ADV. badly, seriously, severely The building was badly damaged by fire.
slightly | irreparably, permanently She may have damaged her health irreparably.

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do damage
Too much sun can do severe damage to your skin.
cause damage
We surveyed the damage caused by the bomb.
suffer/sustain damage formal
She has suffered damage to her hearing.
repair the damage
The cost of repairing the damage could be around £300 million.
prevent/avoid damage
Young trees need protecting to prevent damage from the wind.
The earthquake caused severe damage to a number of buildings.
extensive/widespread (=covering a large area)
Because of the size of the bomb, the damage was extensive.
permanent/irreparable/irreversible damage (=that cannot be repaired)
By smoking for so long, she may have suffered irreversible damage to her health.
minor damage
Fortunately, the fire caused only minor damage.
physical damage
There is considerable evidence that the drug can cause physical damage.
structural damage (=to the structure of a building)
The building was checked for structural damage.
environmental damage
The programme will concentrate on reducing environmental damage and pollution.
fire/storm/flood etc damage (=caused by fire, storm, flood etc)
The campsite suffered extensive flood damage.
brain/liver/nerve etc damage
If you drink a lot of alcohol it can cause liver damage.
accidental damage (=caused by an accident)
The insurance covers you for accidental damage to your possessions while you are on holiday.
criminal damage (=caused by someone committing a crime)
The boy was charged with criminal damage after setting fire to his girlfriend’s house.

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BAD: The fire caused a lot of damages.
GOOD: The fire caused a lot of damage.
BAD: The car crashed into a tree and suffered a severe damage.
GOOD: The car crashed into a tree and suffered severe damage.

Usage Note:
In its usual meaning, damage is an uncountable noun: 'The insurance company will pay for any damage.' 'The ceiling had suffered a great deal of damage.'
damages (plural noun) = a sum of money that someone is awarded in a court of law: 'She was awarded $3000 in damages.' 'She claimed damages of £2000 for wrongful dismissal.'

BAD: The floods made a lot of damage.
GOOD: The floods did/caused a lot of damage.
BAD: Most of the damage has been produced by acid rain.
GOOD: Most of the damage has been caused by acid rain.

Usage Note:
do/cause damage (NOT make or produce ): 'According to local farmers, the rabbits do a lot of damage to the crops.' 'It's the gas from fridges that causes most of the damage.'
Many phrases begin with a very common very such as do, make, have, or take : ‘I felt very nervous about taking the test but, after having a long talk with Mrs Fisher, I decided I would just do my best and try not to make too many silly mistakes .’ These verbs can be combined with some nouns but not with others and since they do not have a clear meaning of their own, choosing the right combination can be a problem. Phrases which tend to cause difficulty are shown below.
have a bath (or esp. AmE take ) ‘She’s probably upstairs having a bath.’
Have (your) breakfast ‘We usually have breakfast in the kitchen.’
Have (your) dinner ‘We had dinner and then went for a walk.’
Have a drink ‘I’ll collapse if I don’t have a drink soon.’
Have (an) experience ‘He has no experience of running a large company.’
Have fun ‘You can’t stop people from having fun.’
Have a holiday ‘It’s almost a year since we had a real holiday.’
Have an interview ‘I’ve had six interviews but no one has offered me a job.’
Have a lesson ‘Every morning we have three fifty-minute lessons.’
Have (your) lunch ‘Isn’t it about time we had lunch?’
Have an operation ‘Before I had the operation I could hardly walk.’
Have a party ‘On Saturday we’re having a party.’
Have a picnic ‘If it’s sunny we could have a picnic.’
Have a shower (or esp. AmE take) ‘It only takes me a minute to have a shower.’
Take/do an examination ‘Why do we have to take so many tests?’
Take (your) medicine ‘Don’t forget to take your medicine.’
Take a pill ‘He refuses to take sleeping pills.’
Take/do a test ‘The last test I took was a disaster.’
Make an effort ‘I had to make a big effort not to laugh.’
Make a journey ‘It was the first journey he’d made all on his own.’
Make a mistake ‘He has made a serious mistake.’
Make a noise ‘How can one small child make so much noise?’
Make progress ‘I made very little progress at the start of the course.’
Do your best ‘Don’t worry, Tim. Just do your best.’
Do (or cause) damage ‘The storm did a lot of damage to the crops.’
Do an exercise ‘Have you done your exercises today?’
Do an experiment ‘To do this experiment, you’ll need two eggs.’
Do (sb) good ‘The holiday has done him a lot of good.’
Do harm ‘A scandal would do his reputation a lot of harm.’
Do your homework ‘Have you done your homework yet?’
Do a job ‘I’ve got one or two jobs to do this evening.’
Do the/some shopping ‘Jake has gone into town to do some shopping.’
Do research ‘We need to do a lot more research.’
Do things ‘We’ve done lots of different things today.’
Do your training ‘Where did you do your training?’
Note also: do something/anything etc: ‘I can’t come now – I’m doing something.’ ‘He hasn’t done anything wrong.'

BAD: The bomb caused extensive damage of the surrounding buildings.
GOOD: The bomb caused extensive damage to the surrounding buildings.
BAD: We all know about the damage that smoking can do in our health.
GOOD: We all know about the damage that smoking can do to our health.

Usage Note:
(cause/do) damage to sth : 'Lack of oxygen can cause serious damage to the brain.' 'The scandal did a great deal of damage to his reputation.'

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BAD: The driver was very lucky and was only slightly damaged.
GOOD: The driver was very lucky and was only slightly hurt.
BAD: During the protests, some students were killed and others were seriously damaged.
GOOD: During the protests, some students were killed and others were seriously injured/wounded.

Usage Note:
Damaged is used in connection with things or parts of your body (NOT people): 'The engine was too badly damaged to be repaired.' 'The cause of the oil leak was a damaged pipeline.'
People are hurt or injured (badly hurt) in an accident, earthquake, hurricane etc: 'The scaffolding collapsed, killing one of the construction workers and injuring two passers-by.'
Someone who is injured by a weapon, such as a gun or knife, is wounded : 'He is accused of wounding a fellow prisoner.' 'The wounded soldiers were sent home for medical treatment.'

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