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dare /deə $ der/ verb, modal verb

یارا بودن ، جرات کردن ، مبادرت بکار دلیرانه کردن ، بمبارزه طلبیدن ، شهامت ، یارایی ، علوم نظامی: جرات کردن
- risk, hazard, make bold, presume, venture
- challenge, defy, goad, provoke, taunt, throw down the gauntlet
- challenge, provocation, taunt
Contrasted words: avoid, evade, flee, run
Related Idioms: take the bull by the horns
Related Words: change, hazard, risk

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Dare, Dan
Dan Dare

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I. dare1 S3 W3 /deə $ der/ verb, modal verb
[Word Family: noun: dare, daring; verb: dare; adverb: daringly; adjective: daring]

1. [intransitive not in progressive] to be brave enough to do something that is risky or that you are afraid to do – used especially in questions or negative sentences:
He wanted to ask her, but he didn’t dare.
‘I’ll tell Dad.’ ‘You wouldn’t dare!’
dare (to) do something
I daren’t go home.
Only a few journalists dared to cover the story.
She hardly dared hope that he was alive.
Dare we admit this?
Dare can be used like a modal verb, followed by an infinitive without 'to', in negative sentences and questions:
I am so afraid that I dare not move.
Dare she ring him at the office?
It can also be used as an ordinary verb, followed by an infinitive with or without 'to':
Nobody dared to ask any questions.
No wonder the party did not dare publish that document.
The past form is dared for both uses.

2. how dare you spoken said to show that you are very angry and shocked about what someone has done or said:
How dare you accuse me of lying!

3. don’t you dare! spoken said to warn someone not to do something because it makes you angry:
Don’t you dare talk to me like that!

4. [transitive] to try to persuade someone to do something dangerous or embarrassing as a way of proving that they are brave
dare somebody to do something
They dared Ed to steal a bottle of his father’s whiskey.
So jump, then. I dare you.

5. dare I say/suggest spoken formal used when saying something that you think people may not accept or believe:
I thought the play was, dare I say it, boring.

6. I dare say (also I daresay) spoken especially British English used when saying or agreeing that something may be true:
I dare say things will improve.

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II. dare2 noun [countable]
[Word Family: noun: dare, daring; verb: dare; adverb: daringly; adjective: daring]
something dangerous that you have dared someone to do
for a dare British English, on a dare American English (=because someone has dared you to)
She ran across a busy road for a dare.

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ADV. hardly, scarcely I hardly dared breathe.
VERB + DARE wouldn't I wouldn't dare go by myself.

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BAD: I dare to say that the book is worth reading.
GOOD: I daresay that the book is worth reading.

Usage Note:
I daresay (also written I dare say ) is a fixed phrase: 'I dare say that we'll be hearing from them again.' 'The team will put up a good performance, I daresay, but I don't think they'll win.'

BAD: 'How dare you to come in without knocking!' he shouted.
GOOD: 'How dare you come in without knocking!' he shouted.

Usage Note:
When dare comes in front of the subject, use an infinitive WITHOUT to : 'How dare you say such a thing!' 'Dare I mention it to her? She'll be furious.'

BAD: He dares to die rather than break his promise.
GOOD: He is prepared to die rather than break his promise.
BAD: I didn't enjoy the drink but I dared to try it again.
GOOD: I didn't enjoy the drink but I was ready to try it again.

Usage Note:
Dare (= have enough courage) is used mainly in negative sentences and questions: 'I wouldn't dare to take the car without permission.' 'She stood at the edge of the cliff, not daring to look down.'
In affirmative sentences, use be ready/prepared/willing : 'Some people are prepared to do anything for money.' 'Despite the threat on his life, he's ready to testify.'

BAD: His mother thinks that somebody must have dared him steal the bicycle.
GOOD: His mother thinks that somebody must have dared him to steal the bicycle.

Usage Note:
dare sb to do sth : 'I dare you to drink it.' 'They dared me to do it again.'

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