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dark /dɑːk $ dɑːrk/ adjective (comparative darker, superlative darkest)
dark noun

تیره کردن ، تاریک کردن
- dim, dingy, murky, shadowy, shady, sunless, unlit
- black, dark-skinned, dusky, ebony, sable, swarthy
- gloomy, bleak, dismal, grim, morose, mournful, sad, sombre
- evil, foul, infernal, sinister, vile, wicked
- secret, concealed, hidden, mysterious
- darkness, dimness, dusk, gloom, murk, obscurity, semi-darkness
- night, evening, nightfall, night-time, twilight
Antonyms: light, lucid
Contrasted words: bright, brilliant, luminous, radiant, enlightened, illuminated, illumined, lighted, clear, perspicuous, easy, facile, light, simple, blond, fair, ruddy, tawny
Related Words: cloudy, dull, shadowy, shady, pitch-black, pitch-dark, abstruse, esoteric, hidden, occult, recondite, anagogic, cabalistic, darkling, mystic, mystical, complicated, intricate, knotty
English Thesaurus: colour, shade, hue, tint, tone, ...

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I. dark1 S2 W1 /dɑːk $ dɑːrk/ adjective (comparative darker, superlative darkest)
[Word Family: adjective: dark, darkened, darkening; noun: dark, darkness; verb: darken; adverb: darkly]
[Language: Old English; Origin: deorc]

1. NO LIGHT if it is dark, there is little or no light Antonym : light:
The church was dark and quiet.
the dark winter days
Suddenly, the room went dark (=became dark).
It gets dark (=night begins) about ten o'clock.
It was still dark (=was night) when we boarded the train.
It was pitch dark (=completely dark) in the attic.

2. COLOUR quite close to black in colour Antonym : light, pale:
There were dark clouds in the sky.
men in dark suits
a slightly darker colour
dark blue/green/pink etc
a dark blue dress

3. HAIR/EYES/SKIN someone who is dark has hair, eyes, or skin that is brown or black in colour Antonym : fair:
a tall, dark man
John’s dark skin and eyes

4. MYSTERIOUS mysterious or secret:
a dark secret
keep something dark British English (=keep something secret)
Apparently, he has a son, but he’s kept that very dark.

5. EVIL evil or threatening:
There was a darker side to his character.
a place where so many dark deeds had been committed
the dark forces of the universe

6. UNHAPPY TIME a dark time is unhappy or without hope:
the dark days of the war
Even in the darkest moments, I still had you, my love.

7. FEELINGS/THOUGHTS if you have dark feelings or thoughts, you are very sad or worried:
a dark depression
her darkest fears

8. HUMOUR dark humour deals with things that are bad or upsetting in a funny way Synonym : black:
the dark humor common in difficult situations

9. darkest Africa/South America etc old-fashioned the parts of Africa etc about which we know very little - this use is now often considered offensive

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II. dark2 noun
[Word Family: adjective: dark, darkened, darkening; noun: dark, darkness; verb: darken; adverb: darkly]

1. the dark when there is no light, especially because the sun has gone down:
my childish fear of the dark
in the dark
I turned off the light and lay there in the dark.
We stood outside in the pitch dark (=when there is no light at all).

2. after/before/until dark after, before, or until the sun goes down at night:
I want you home before dark.

3. in the dark informal knowing nothing about something important, because you have not been told about it:
We’re in the dark just as much as you are.
College officials were kept in the dark about the investigation.
a shot in the dark at shot1(10)

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VERBS be, look | get, go, grow It gets dark at about six o'clock. Suddenly the whole sky went dark. As it grew dark, they gathered round the fire.
remain, stay
ADV. very | completely | almost, nearly It's only three o'clock and it's nearly dark already.
quite, rather

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ADJ. pitch I fumbled for the light switch in the pitch dark.
gathering We could just make out some figures in the gathering dark.
PREP. after ~ The girls weren't allowed out after dark.
before ~ We'd better try and finish this job before dark.
in the ~ I hate getting up in the dark.
PHRASES afraid of the dark Many small children are afraid of the dark.

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BAD: Soon it began to become dark and it was time to go home.
GOOD: Soon it began to get dark and it was time to go home.
BAD: The last candle went out and everything became dark.
GOOD: The last candle went out and everything went dark.

Usage Note:
To refer to the time in the evening or at night when the daylight disappears, use get dark or (in formal styles) grow dark : 'In the winter it gets dark by five o'clock.' 'It began to grow dark and so we headed back to the shore.' To describe what happens when all the lights in a room, building, etc suddenly go out, use go dark or (especially in formal styles) be plunged into darkness : 'During the last storm the whole town was plunged into darkness.'

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See: in the dark , shot in the dark , whistle in the dark

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