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date /deɪt/ noun [countable]

درخت خرما ، نخل ، زمان ، تاریخ گذاردن ، تاریخ گذاشتن ، مدت معین کردن ، سنه ، کامپیوتر: فرمانDATE ، قانون ـ فقه: تاریخ ، بازرگانی: تاریخ ، موعد
الکترونیک: فرمان ، DATE کامپیوتر: تاریخ ، تجارت خارجی: تاریخ ، حقوق: تاریخ ، موعد ، بازرگانی: خرما، درخت خرما، نخل ، تاریخ ، زمان ، تاریخ گذاردن ، تاریخ گذاشتن ، مدت معین کردن ، سنه کامپیوتر: تاریخ ، برای تغییر در تاریخ به Control Panel > Date and time بروید

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- time, age, epoch, era, period, stage
- appointment, assignation, engagement, meeting, rendezvous, tryst
- partner, escort, friend
- put a date on, assign a date to, fix the period of
- become old-fashioned, be dated, show one's age
- date from or date back to: come from, bear a date of, belong to, exist from, originate in
Related Idioms: go out with
Related Words: accompany, escort, court, woo
English Thesaurus: meeting, conference, convention, rally, summit, ...

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I. date1 S1 W1 /deɪt/ noun [countable]
[Word Family: verb: date, predate; adjective: dated, outdated; noun: date]
[Sense 1-5: Date: 1300-1400; Language: French; Origin: Late Latin data, from the past participle of Latin dare 'to give']
[Sense 6: Date: 1200-1300; Language: Old French; Origin: Greek daktylos 'finger']

1. DAY a particular day of the month or year, especially shown by a number:
The date on the letter was 30th August 1962.
What’s today’s date?
date of
What’s the date of the next meeting?
You should apply at least 8 weeks before your date of departure.
date for
Have you set a date for the wedding yet?

2. at a later/future date formal at some time in the future Synonym : later:
The details will be agreed at a later date.

3. to date up to now:
The cost of the work to date has been about £150 million.
Her best performance to date was her third place at the World Junior Championships.

a) an occasion when you go out with someone that you like in a romantic way
date with
I’ve got a date with Andrea tomorrow night.
I felt like a teenager going out on a first date.blind date
b) American English someone that you have a date with
sb’s date
Can I bring my date to the party?

5. ARRANGEMENT TO MEET SOMEBODY a time arranged to meet someone, especially socially:
Let’s make a date to come over and visit.

6. FRUIT a sweet sticky brown fruit with a long hard seed inside
closing date, ⇒ expiry date at expiry(2), ⇒ out-of-date, sell-by date, up-to-date

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II. date2 S3 W3 verb
[Word Family: verb: date, predate; adjective: dated, outdated; noun: date]

1. WRITE DATE [transitive] to write or print the date on something:
a newspaper dated November 23, 1963
Make sure you sign and date it at the bottom.

2. FIND AGE [transitive] to find out when something old was made or formed:
The rocks are dated by examining the fossils found in the same layer.
radiocarbon dating

3. OLD-FASHIONED [intransitive] if clothing, art etc dates, it begins to look old-fashioned:
His designs are so classic, they’ve hardly dated at all.dated

4. RELATIONSHIP [intransitive and transitive] American English to have a romantic relationship with someone Synonym : go out with:
Is he still dating Sarah?
Are Chris and Liz dating?

5. SHOW SB’S AGE [transitive] if something that you say, do, or wear dates you, it shows that you are fairly old:
Yes, I remember the moon landings – that dates me, doesn’t it?
date from something (also date back to something) phrasal verb
to have existed since a particular time in the past:
The church dates from the 13th century.

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I. particular day
ADJ. earlier, earliest She suggested an earlier date for the meeting.
later, latest | exact, firm, specific I can't give you specific dates.
provisional, tentative | unspecified | significant 7th May, 1999 was a very significant date in my life.
closing The closing date with Camilla on Friday night.
make We must make a date to have lunch.
keep She wanted to arrive in time to keep her date.
break, cancel He was late, and ended up breaking their dinner date.
PREP. on a ~ She's out on a date with her new boyfriend.
~ with for applications is May 22.
expiry What's the expiry date on your credit card? | delivery | due The baby was born exactly on its due date.
birth | anniversary | sell-by This yogurt is past its sell-by date.
cut-off Historians disagree on the cut-off date for the medieval period.
commencement, completion The building was not finished by the completion date.
VERB + DATE agree (on), arrange, decide (on), fix, set Can we fix dates for the holiday? Has a date been fixed for the meeting?
PREP. after a/the ~ We cannot accept applications received after this date.
at a … ~ The election is scheduled to take place at an unspecified date in the autumn.
before a/the ~, by a/the ~ The building must be finished by the date agreed.
from a/the ~ The agreement runs from that date.
on a/the ~ I've got two meetings on that date.
~ for We need to set a date for the wedding.
~ of the date of the election
PHRASES the/your big date Joe's getting ready for his big date on 3rd March, when he gets married.
at a/some future date More money will be made available at some future date.
at a later date We can do that at a later date.
date of birth Please give your name, address and date of birth.
of recent date The foundations are Roman, but the rest of the building is of more recent date.
put a date on/to sth It's difficult to put a date on when this neighbourhood became fashionable.
today's date What's today's date?

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II. appointment to meet sb socially
ADJ. dinner, lunch | blind (= a date with sb you have not met before) She met her husband on a blind date.
hot (= exciting) She had a hot date and wanted to look her best.
VERB + DATE have I've got a date

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ADV. accurately, precisely It has not yet been possible to date the paintings accurately.

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the exact/precise date
I can’t remember the exact date we moved into this house.
the agreed date British English, agreed upon date American English (=one that people have agreed on)
The work was not finished by the agreed date.
the closing date (=the last day you can officially do something)
The closing date for applications is April 30th.
the due date (=the date by which something is due to happen)
Payment must be made by the due date.
the delivery date (=a date on which goods will be delivered)
The delivery date should be around 23rd August.
the publication date (=the date when something is published)
We are aiming at a publication date of mid-November.
the departure date (=the date when someone leaves)
My departure date was only a few days away.
the expiry date British English, expiration date American English (=a date on a product after which it cannot be used)
Check the expiry date on your credit card.
the sell-by date British English (=a date on a food product after which it should not be sold)
Those yoghurts are a week past their sell-by date.
decide on a date (=choose the date when something will happen)
Have you decided on a date for the wedding yet?
set/fix a date (=decide the date when something will happen)
They haven’t set a date for the election yet.
today’s date
Don’t forget to put today’s date at the top of the letter.
sb’s date of birth (also sb’s birth date) (=the day and year when someone was born)
What’s your date of birth?
the date of publication/issue/departure etc formal
The insurance will only cover costs incurred on or after the date of departure.

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BAD: Doctors read these journals so as not to become out of date.
GOOD: Doctors read these journals so as to keep up to date.

Usage Note:
Out of date (before a noun out-of-date ) is used in connection with information, ideas, knowledge, technology etc (NOT people): 'A significant proportion of what children are studying at school will be out of date within the space of a few years.'
If you always have the latest information about something, you keep up to date (with developments) or keep abreast (of developments): 'Lecturers are expected to keep abreast of developments in their subject areas.'

BAD: On the date of your wedding, I shall be in England.
GOOD: On the day of your wedding, I shall be in England.
BAD: I have to pay the rent on the first date of the month.
GOOD: I have to pay the rent on the first day of the month.

Usage Note:
on the day of sth (NOT on the date of ): 'On the day of my departure, I woke up very early.'

BAD: I have an interview at the same date.
GOOD: I have an interview on the same date/day.

Usage Note:
on a specific date/day (NOT at/in ): 'I'm afraid we have no rooms available on that date.'
Note, however, the phrases at a later date and at some future date : 'The rest of the money can be paid at a later date.'

BAD: Up to date, they still haven't answered our letter.
GOOD: To date, they still haven't answered our letter.

Usage Note:
to date or up to/until now (NOT up to date ): 'To date there are no signs that the situation is likely to improve.'

See UP-TO-DATE (up-to-date)

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See: double-date , to date

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