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deathly /ˈdeθli/ adjective, adverb

مهلک ، فانی ، مرگ وار
Synonyms: deathlike, ghastly, grim, pale, pallid, wan
Contrasted words: healthy, hearty, robust, stout, sturdy, energetic, strenuous, vigorous
Related Words: cadaverous, haggard, wasted, ghastly, grisly, gruesome, macabre, appalling, dreadful, horrible

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deathly /ˈdeθli/ adjective, adverb
[Word Family: noun: dead, death, deadliness; adjective: dead, deadly, deathly; adverb: deadly, deathly; verb: deaden]
reminding you of death or of a dead body
deathly cold/white/pale
She was deathly pale, and looked as if she might faint.
a deathly hush/silence (=complete silence)
A deathly hush fell over the room.

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