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defeat /dɪˈfiːt/ noun [uncountable and countable]
defeat verb [transitive]

الغاء ، باخت ، شکست دادن ، هزیمت ، مغلوب ساختن ، شکست ، از شکل افتادگی ، بیقوارگی ، قانون ـ فقه: نقض ، ورزش: شکست ، علوم نظامی: شکست
- beat, conquer, crush, master, overwhelm, rout, trounce, vanquish, wipe the floor with (informal)
- frustrate, baffle, balk, confound, foil, get the better of, ruin, thwart
- conquest, beating, overthrow, pasting (slang), rout
- frustration, failure, rebuff, reverse, setback, thwarting
Antonyms: victory
Contrasted words: capitulate, defer, give in, submit, back down, withdraw, conquest, triumph, gaining, securing, winning, ascendancy, supremacy
Related Idioms: beat all hollow, get the better of, grind into the dust, have by the short hairs
Related Words: bar, block, hinder, impede, obstruct, repress, suppress, outfight, outgame, nose out, bafflement, check, foil, frustration, rebuff, repulse, reversal, reverse, setback, cleaning, cleanup, clobbering, lambasting
English Thesaurus: beat, defeat, trounce, thrash, wipe the floor with somebody, ...

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I. defeat1 W3 /dɪˈfiːt/ noun [uncountable and countable]
[Word Family: noun: defeat, defeatism, defeatist; adjective: defeatist, defeatedUNDEFEATED; verb: defeat]

1. failure to win or succeed
defeat in
The socialist party suffered a crushing defeat in the elections.
She was a woman who hated to admit defeat.

2. victory over someone or something
defeat of
The defeat of the army was followed by the establishment of constitutional government.

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II. defeat2 W3 verb [transitive]
[Word Family: noun: defeat, defeatism, defeatist; adjective: defeatist, defeatedUNDEFEATED; verb: defeat]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Anglo-French; Origin: defeter 'to destroy', from Medieval Latin disfacere, from Latin facere 'to do']

1. to win a victory over someone in a war, competition, game etc Synonym : beat:
They hoped to defeat the enemy at sea.
defeat somebody by something
We were defeated by 3 goals to 2.

In everyday English, people usually say beat rather than defeat when talking about sport, games, or elections:
We were beaten by 3 goals to 2.

2. if something defeats you, you cannot understand it and therefore cannot answer or deal with it Synonym : beat:
It was the last question on the paper that defeated me.

3. to make something fail
defeat the object/purpose (of the exercise)
Don’t let your arms relax as that would defeat the object of the exercise.

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ADJ. bitter, catastrophic, complete, comprehensive, crushing, decisive, devastating, disastrous, heavy, humiliating, ignominious, overwhelming, resounding, serious, stunning Their party suffered a heavy defeat in the election. The battle ended in a humiliating defeat.
narrow They lost 4?3 in their second narrow defeat of the week.
consecutive, successive | election, electoral, political | military
VERB + DEFEAT accept, admit, concede She is very determined, and will never admit defeat. The prime minister conceded defeat and resigned.
face | go down to, slump to, to suffer The team went down to their fifth consecutive defeat.
reverse A skilful politician can always reverse any defeats.
avoid We just need to avoid defeat in our last two matches.
inflict The army inflicted a heavy defeat on rebel forces.
end in | lead to
PREP. ~ against last week's crushing defeat against Manchester United
~ by their defeat by the French
PHRASES defeat at the hands of sb The team suffered defeat at the hands of their oldest rivals.

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ADV. comprehensively, convincingly, decisively, easily, heavily, soundly, totally The English were heavily defeated by the Scots in the battle that followed. The proposed bill was decisively defeated in Parliament.
narrowly Our team was narrowly defeated in the final.
eventually, finally, ultimately
PREP. by The motion was defeated by 20 votes to 18.

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suffer a defeat (=be defeated)
The party suffered a defeat in the state elections.
inflict a defeat on somebody (=defeat someone, especially easily)
The army inflicted a heavy defeat on the English.
admit defeat
If I left my job, I would be admitting defeat.
accept defeat
It can be very hard to accept defeat.
concede defeat (=formally accept that you have lost in a game, election etc)
His opponent conceded defeat.
face defeat (=be likely to be defeated)
In May 1945 Germany faced defeat at the hands of the Allies.
a big/bad defeat (also a heavy defeat British English) (=by a large amount)
The polls were forecasting a heavy defeat for the President.
a crushing/resounding defeat (=a complete defeat, by a very large amount)
He quit as Prime Minister following a crushing defeat in regional elections.
a humiliating defeat (=very embarrassing)
They are still bitter about their humiliating defeat.
a disastrous defeat (=very big, and with a very bad result)
The party suffered a disastrous defeat in the 2006 election.
a narrow defeat (=by a small amount)
The goalkeeper was blamed for the team’s narrow defeat.
an election/electoral defeat
It was their worst general election defeat since 1982.
a military defeat
The president resigned following a series of military defeats.
a shock defeat British English (=very unexpected)
Arsenal are now out of the competition, following their shock defeat by Torquay Town.

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