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demanding /dɪˈmɑːndɪŋ $ dɪˈmæn-/ adjective

(=exacting) طاقت فرسا ، سخت ، خواستار ، مبرم ، مصر
Synonyms: difficult, challenging, exacting, hard, taxing, tough, trying, wearing
Antonyms: undemanding
Related Words: rigid, rigorous, severe, stern, strict, stringent, crying, imperative, importunate, instant, pressing, urgent
English Thesaurus: difficult, hard, tough, tricky, awkward, ...

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demanding /dɪˈmɑːndɪŋ $ dɪˈmæn-/ adjective
[Word Family: noun: demand, demands; verb: demand; adjective: demandingUNDEMANDING]

1. needing a lot of ability, effort, or skill:
a demanding job
physically/emotionally/intellectually etc demanding
Climbing is physically demanding.

2. expecting a lot of attention or expecting to have things exactly the way you want them, especially in a way that is not fair:
Her mother could be very demanding at times.

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VERBS be, seem | become, get
ADV. extremely, highly, very | fairly, pretty, quite | physically, technically a technically demanding piece of music to play

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