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description /dɪˈskrɪpʃən/ noun [uncountable and countable]

زاب ، شرح ، وصف ، توصیف ، تشریح ، تعریف ، عمران: شرح ، قانون ـ فقه: وصف ، روانشناسی: توصیف
مهندسی صنایع: نت: شرح-توصیف کامپیوتر: توضیحات

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- account, depiction, explanation, narrative, portrayal, report, representation, sketch
- kind, brand, category, class, order, sort, type, variety
Related Words: anecdote, narrative, story, tale, yarn, account, chronicle, version, report, statement
English Thesaurus: account, description, story, report, version, ...

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description S2 W2 /dɪˈskrɪpʃən/ noun [uncountable and countable]
[Word Family: adjective: describable ≠ indescribable, nondescript, descriptive; verb: describe; noun: description; adverb: descriptively]

1. a piece of writing or speech that gives details about what someone or something is like
description of
an accurate description of the event
The booklet gives a brief description of each place.
Berlin sounds fascinating from your description.job description

2. be beyond/past description to be too good, bad, big etc to be described easily:
The death and destruction were beyond description.

3. of every/some/any etc description (also of all descriptions) people or things of every type, some type etc:
People of all descriptions came to see the show.

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ADJ. complete, comprehensive, detailed, full The catalogue gives a full description of each product.
accurate, apt, exact, excellent, fair, fitting, good, perfect ‘Like a fish out of water’ was an apt description of how I felt in my new job.
vivid a vivid description of life in Ancient Rome
graphic, lurid She gave us a lurid description of the birth.
lengthy, long | brief, short | basic, simple | vague | objective A report is generally an objective description rather than a statement of opinion.
physical | job There was no mention of any cleaning in my job description.
VERB + DESCRIPTION give (sb), issue, provide (sb with) Police have issued a description of the gunman. She was able to provide a description of the intruder.
fit A man fitting your description was seen entering the building.
beggar, defy His face was so odd that it defies description.
DESCRIPTION + VERB apply to sb, fit sb I realized to my horror that the description of the killer fitted me.

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give (somebody) a description
She was unable to give the police a description of her attacker.
provide a description formal
The diary provides a clear description of farming life in the 1850s.
issue a description (=formally give a description of someone to the public)
Police have issued a description of the two men they are looking for.
fit/match a description (=be like the person in a police description)
The first man they arrested did not fit the description given by the victim.
somebody answering a description (=a person who looks like someone in a police description)
A young girl answering this description has been seen in Spain.
Her descriptions of the natural world are very good.
He gave us a clear description of the situation in the city.
Some of his descriptions of the island are very detailed.
I don't think the hotel's description of its facilities was very accurate.
vivid (=very clear and interesting)
The book contains some vivid descriptions of his childhood.
We have a perfect description of the man we are looking for.
a full description formal (=detailed)
Please give a full description of your responsibilities in your present job.
a long/lengthy description
I didn't want to hear a lengthy description of their holiday.
a brief/short description
There's only a brief description of the hotel on the Internet.
a general description (=not detailed)
He started by giving us a general description of the manufacturing process.
a graphic description (=very clear and containing a lot of details, usually about something unpleasant)
The book has some graphic descriptions of life in the prison camp.

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BAD: They needed a description about the stolen car.
GOOD: They needed a description of the stolen car.
BAD: I'll send you some English food and a description on how to prepare it.
GOOD: I'll send you some English food and a description of how to prepare it.

Usage Note:
description of sb/sth : 'The police now have a full description of the suspects.'

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