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destructive /dɪˈstrʌktɪv/ adjective

ویرانگر ، مخرب ، عمران: مخرب ، روانشناسی: مخرب
Synonyms: damaging, calamitous, catastrophic, deadly, devastating, fatal, harmful, lethal, ruinous
Antonyms: constructive
Contrasted words: creative, formative, harmless, innocuous, inoffensive, helpful, improving
Related Words: calamitous, deadly, disastrous, fatal, lethal, mortal, consumptive, internecine, baneful, deleterious, detrimental

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destructive /dɪˈstrʌktɪv/ adjective
[Word Family: noun: destroyer, destruction; adjective: indestructible, destructive; verb: destroy; adverb: destructively]
causing damage to people or things ⇒ destroy:
the destructive power of modern weapons
destructive to
What is good for the individual can be destructive to the family.
—destructively adverb
—destructiveness noun [uncountable]

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VERBS be, seem | become
ADV. extremely, highly, very | downright, wholly downright destructive behaviour
quite | potentially potentially destructive emotions
environmentally environmentally destructive policies
PREP. of Clearing trees by burning is highly destructive of the forest environment.
to These substances can be destructive to health.

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