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direction /dəˈrekʃən, dɪˈrekʃən, daɪ-/ noun

امتداد ، گرا ، دستورالعمل ، سمت ، ارشاد ، دستور ، رهبری ، اداره جهت ، راه ، مسیر ، جهت ، سو ، هدایت ، معماری: راستا ، روانشناسی: کارگردانی ، بازرگانی: رهبری ، علوم هوایی: سمت ، علوم نظامی: مسیر هدایت کردن
- way, aim, bearing, course, line, path, road, route, track
- management, administration, charge, command, control, guidance, leadership, order, supervision

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direction S1 W1 /dəˈrekʃən, dɪˈrekʃən, daɪ-/ noun
[Word Family: noun: direction, directness, director; verb: direct, redirect; adverb: directlyindirectly; adjective: directindirect]

1. TOWARDS [countable] the way something or someone moves, faces, or is aimed:
Which direction did they go in?
in the direction of something
The suspects were last seen heading in the direction of Miami.
in sb’s direction
Tony glanced in her direction and their eyes met.
The girls pointed in the opposite direction.
On seeing me, Maurice changed direction and went along the wharf instead.
As shots rang out, the crowd ran screaming in all directions.
from the direction of something
There was a loud scream from the direction of the children’s pool.
in a southerly/easterly etc direction
Continue in a southerly direction until you reach the road.

In everyday English, people usually use which way ...? when asking where something is rather than using the noun direction:
Which direction did they go in?Which way did they go?
| Which direction is north?Which way is north?

2. directions [plural]
a) instructions about how to get from one place to another:
A very helpful woman gave me directions to the police station.
b) instructions about what to do:
Be sure you read the directions before using any piece of equipment.

3. WAY SOMETHING DEVELOPS [countable] the general way in which someone or something changes or develops:
We are happy with the direction the club is taking.
move/head/go in the right direction
I believe that things are heading in the right direction in South Africa.
new/different/exciting etc direction
The company is hoping to extend its operations in new directions.

4. CONTROL [uncountable] control, management, or advice
under sb’s direction
Under Thompson’s direction, the college has developed an international reputation.

5. WHERE FROM OR WHERE TO [countable] where something comes from or where something leads
in a direction
The evidence all points in this direction.
from a direction
Help came from a wholly unexpected direction.

6. PURPOSE [uncountable] a general purpose or aim:
Her mother felt that Rachel’s life lacked direction.

7. FILM/PLAY [uncountable] the instructions given to the actors and other people working on a film, play etc
a step in the right direction at step1(2)

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I. where to/from
ADJ. same They were both going in the same direction.
different, opposite | right, wrong Unfortunately, we were going in the wrong direction.
general I fired in the general direction of the officer's head, and missed.
unexpected Support came from an unexpected direction.
anti-clockwise, clockwise Turn the dial in a clockwise direction.
downward, upward These figures may have to be revised in an upward direction.
northerly, southerly, etc. The current flows in a south-easterly direction.
wind When sailing, keep a constant check on changes in wind direction.
VERB + DIRECTION take Which direction do we have to take?
change, reverse The wind had changed direction. What happens if you reverse the direction of the current?
flow in, go (off) in | head in, move in, travel in The convoy is moving in the direction of the capital.
veer off in While he was studying in Paris, his thinking suddenly veered off in a new direction.
come from/in He was hit by a lorry coming in the opposite direction.
face (in) I didn't see the accident because I was facing in the opposite direction.
glance in, look in, nod in, point in She glanced in his direction. ‘Look!’ she said, pointing in the direction of the coast.
nudge sb in, point sb in (figurative) We have to nudge politicians in the right direction. I can't come with you, but I can point you in the general direction.
pull (sb/sth) in (often figurative) There are different considerations, often pulling in different directions.
PREP. from a/the ~ There was shriek of laughter from the direction of Sarah's room. Let's approach the subject from a different direction.
in a/the ~ The aircraft was flying in a northerly direction.
PHRASES the direction of flow/movement/travel I prefer to be facing the direction of travel.
the direction of sb's gaze She followed the direction of his gaze. | from/in all/both directions The blast sent debris flying in all directions. The road was blocked in both directions.
a glance/nod in sb/sth's direction People passed by without a glance in her direction. (figurative) The report gives a brief nod in the direction of green issues before coming down firmly on the side of the market.
a sense of direction I haven't got much sense of direction.

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II. development
ADJ. new The party must take a new direction if it is to survive.
right, wrong | clear No clear direction in policy can be identified.
future the debate about the future direction of socialism
VERB + DIRECTION take It is hard to know which direction the Church will take.
change It's time to change direction and find a new job.
go in, move in At least things are moving in the right direction now.
PHRASES a change of direction This was a major change of direction for Britain's foreign policy.
a step in the (right/wrong) direction The new law is undoubtedly a step in the right direction, but it doesn't go far enough. The first step in this direction will be by way of discussion with the unions.

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III. purpose
ADJ. clear Do not let the discussion fragment into a desultory conversation with no clear direction.
VERB + DIRECTION be lacking in, lack Once again her life felt lacking in direction.
PHRASES a sense of direction We are looking for somebody with a clear sense of direction.

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IV. instructions
ADJ. clear, good, precise Isabel's directions are always very precise.
stage Shakespeare's famous stage direction, ‘Exit, pursued by a bear.’
VERB + DIRECTION ask for Let's stop and ask for directions.
give sb Can you give me directions for getting to John's?
get We got directions to the hall from a man in the village.
follow It's ever so easy to cook. You just follow the directions on the packet.
PREP. ~ for Are there any directions for putting up the tent?
~ to Can you give me directions to the town centre?

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V. control/guidance
ADJ. clear In effective classrooms the teacher provided clear direction.
strategic the strategic direction of the company
spiritual The monarch looks to the archbishop for spiritual direction.
government All transport is under government direction.
VERB + DIRECTION give sb, provide (sb with)
PREP. under sb's ~ working under the direction of a senior manager
~ from The new workers need direction from a supervisor.
points of the compass
due ~ (of)
   The village is due north of Paris.
far ~
   a small village in the far north of Scotland. The reserve is a little further south on the coast.
down south, up north (informal)
   They have moved down south (= to the south of the country).
journey, way ~
   On our way south we travelled through several small villages.
road, track ~
   the road west out of the city
be/lie ~ of
   Brighton is south of London.
come, drive, fly, go, run, travel, walk ~
   From Fort William drive north for a couple of miles.
set off ~
   The troops set off north.
carry on, continue, proceed ~
   The road continues west for 10 miles.
bear, head ~
   Take the N1 motorway heading west from Bern.
turn ~
   When you reach the top of the hill turn north-east.
face, look ~
   The kitchen window faces south.
   The painting depicts the Grand Canal, Venice, looking north from the Rialto Bridge.

~ bank, coast, shore
   the south bank of the river
~ wind
   a bitter east wind
in the ~ (of)
   I live in the north.
   There are lakes in the north-east of Poland.

from the ~ (of)
   The wind is coming from the west.
to the ~ (of)
   Oxford is to the north-west of London.
towards the ~
   Towards the north the woods turn into pine forests.
Which way is ~?
   Which way is west?

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go in a direction
I can give you a lift if you're going in my direction.
move/head in a direction
We followed the other passengers heading in the direction of passport control.
look/glance in a direction
She looked in the direction that Jeremy was pointing.
face (in) a direction
The men were facing the direction from which they expected the attack.
change direction (=start to go in a different direction)
Suddenly the birds changed direction.
the right/wrong direction
Are you sure this is the right direction for Shipton?
the opposite direction
The car crashed into a truck that was coming in the opposite direction.
a southerly/westerly etc direction
A strong wind was blowing from an easterly direction.
in each/every direction (also in all directions)
At the top of the tower there are splendid views in every direction.
in both directions
The traffic in both directions on the motorway wasn't moving at all.
in different directions
They said goodbye and walked off in different directions.
in the general direction of something (=approximately where something is)
He pointed in the general direction of the village.
in a clockwise/anticlockwise direction (=like or unlike the movement of the hands of a clock)
All movement on a roundabout is in a clockwise direciton.
a sense of direction (=the ability to judge which way you should be going)
Do you have a good sense of direction?
the direction of movement/travel/flow etc
It was hard work rowing against the direction of flow.
give somebody directions
Luke's given me directions to his house.
follow directions
You can't get lost if you follow my directions.
ask (somebody) for directions
Let's stop and ask someone for directions.
get directions (=ask someone for directions)
I went into a petrol station to get directions.
His directions were very clear and easy to follow.

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