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disagree /ˌdɪsəˈɡriː/ verb [intransitive]

نا همرای بودن ، موافق نبودن ، مخالف بودن ، ناسازگار بودن ، نساختن با ، مخالفت کردن با ، مغایر بودن
- differ (in opinion), argue, clash, cross swords, dispute, dissent, object, quarrel, take issue with
- conflict, be dissimilar, contradict, counter, differ, diverge, run counter to, vary
- make ill, bother, discomfort, distress, hurt, nauseate, sicken, trouble, upset
Antonyms: agree

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disagree S3 /ˌdɪsəˈɡriː/ verb [intransitive]
[Word Family: adjective: agreeabledisagreeable, agreed; verb: agreedisagree; noun: agreementdisagreement; adverb: agreeablydisagreeably]

1. to have or express a different opinion from someone else Antonym : agree
disagree with
He is tolerant of those who disagree with him.
disagree about/on/over
Experts disagree on how much the program will cost.
Barr strongly disagreed with Kronfeld’s statement.

2. if statements, numbers, or reports about the same event or situation disagree, they are different from each other Antonym : agree:
The statements of several witnesses disagree.

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ADV. profoundly, sharply, strongly, vehemently The only time we sharply disagreed was over the children's education.
completely, entirely, totally I disagree totally with this policy.
VERB + DISAGREE be difficult to, be hard to, can/could hardly When I pointed out that it had been her idea in the first place, she could hardly disagree.
PREP. about Jack and Robert disagree about everything.
on We disagree on this matter.
over Ministers disagree over the scale of the changes.
with I disagree strongly with this idea. It is difficult to disagree with the chairman on this point.

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BAD: Those who disagreed to join the army were put in prison.
GOOD: Those who refused to join the army were put in prison.

Usage Note:
disagree = not have the same opinion: 'He disagreed with nearly everything I said.' 'Why did she disagree with you?' 'We tended to disagree about politics, but we were still good friends.'
refuse (to do sth ) = say that you will not do something that someone has asked you to do: 'The students were asked to leave the building but they refused.' 'If anyone refuses to pay their bill, send for the manager.'

DUBIOUS: As a conservationist, I strongly disagree with the removal of these trees.
GOOD: As a conservationist, I strongly object to the removal of these trees.

Usage Note:
object (to sth ) = say that you are against something' 'No member of the Council has ever objected to this principle.' 'He objects to being treated like a child.'

BAD: She disagreed totally to what I said.
GOOD: She disagreed totally with what I said.
BAD: Some people disagree to the death penalty.
GOOD: Some people disagree with the death penalty.

Usage Note:
disagree with sb/sth : 'I disagreed with their interpretation of the statistics.'

DUBIOUS: I disagree that heart transplants should be stopped.
GOOD: I don't agree that heart transplants should be stopped.

Usage Note:
When the subject is a particular person, use not agree to introduce a that clause: 'I don't agree that the people there are repressed.' 'She cannot agree that farmers should be an exception.'
In more general statements, disagree is usually used with not, nobody etc before a that clause, to give an affirmative meaning; 'No one can disagree that these crimes must be stopped.' (=everyone must agree that ...) 'Few would disagree that she has served her country well.' (=most would agree that ...)

BAD: I am disagree with the statement.
GOOD: I disagree with the statement.

Usage Note:
Disagree is used only as a verb (NOT as an adjective): 'She always disagrees with me.'

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