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disappear /ˌdɪsəˈpɪə $ -ˈpɪr/ verb [intransitive]

ناپدید شدن ، غایب شدن ، پیدا نبودن
- vanish, evanesce, fade away, pass, recede
- cease, die out, dissolve, evaporate, leave no trace, melt away, pass away, perish
Antonyms: appear
Related Words: go, leave
English Thesaurus: disappear, vanish, go away, fade away, melt away, ...

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disappear S2 W2 /ˌdɪsəˈpɪə $ -ˈpɪr/ verb [intransitive]
[Word Family: verb: appeardisappear, reappear; noun: appearancedisappearance, reappearance]

1. to become impossible to see any longer Synonym : vanish Antonym : appear
disappear behind/under/into etc
The sun had disappeared behind a cloud.
disappear from view/sight
David watched her car until it disappeared from view.
At this point the path seemed to disappear altogether (=disappear completely).

2. to be lost, or to become impossible to find Synonym : vanish:
The two girls disappeared while walking home from school.
My keys have disappeared again.
disappear without trace British English without a trace American English (=without any way of finding them)
75,000 soldiers simply disappeared without trace.

3. to stop existing:
The rain forest may disappear forever.

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ADV. altogether, completely, entirely | all but, effectively, largely, practically, virtually The traditional way of life has all but disappeared.
gradually, slowly | overnight, quickly, soon He started the treatment and his symptoms disappeared overnight.
suddenly | eventually, finally | forever A number of species could soon disappear forever.
mysteriously, without trace Her father disappeared without trace when she was ten.
apparently | just, simply The plane suddenly just disappeared from the radar screen.
PREP. behind The sun disappeared behind a cloud.
from Wildlife is fast disappearing from our countryside.
into, through, under, etc.
PHRASES disappear from sight/view She watched until he had disappeared from view.
fast/rapidly disappearing

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simply disappear (=used to emphasize that it is very strange)
After two weeks it seemed that the boys had simply disappeared.
completely/totally disappear
My spectacles have completely disappeared again.
mysteriously disappear (=in a way that no one can explain)
Several reporters in the area have mysteriously disappeared.
suddenly disappear
The ship had suddenly disappeared in calm waters.
disappear without a trace (also disappear without trace British English) (=completely)
Hundreds of people disappear without trace every year.
disappear into thin air (=completely)
The money he made has disappeared into thin air.

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BAD: The next morning, the snowman was disappeared.
GOOD: The next morning, the snowman had disappeared.
BAD: One day these problems will be disappeared.
GOOD: One day these problems will disappear.

Usage Note:
Disappeared (from the verb disappear ) is not used like an adjective: 'His wife has disappeared with the children.' 'Suddenly, the pain in my back just disappeared.'
Compare: 'The next morning, the snowman was gone.' Unlike disappeared, gone (from the verb go ) may be used like an adjective.

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