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dislike /dɪsˈlaɪk/ verb [transitive not in progressive]
dislike /dɪsˈlaɪk, ˈdɪslaɪk/ noun

دوست نداشتن ، بیزار بودن ، مورد تنفر واقع شدن
- be averse to, despise, detest, disapprove, hate, loathe, not be able to bear or abide or stand, object to, take a dim view of
- aversion, animosity, antipathy, disapproval, disinclination, displeasure, distaste, enmity, hostility, repugnance
Antonyms: liking
Contrasted words: affection, attachment, love, partiality, predilection, preference
Related Idioms: a derry on
Related Words: detestation, hate, hatred, deprecation, disapproval, prejudice, scunner
English Thesaurus: dislike, not like, not be very keen on something, not think much of somebody/something, not be sb’s kind of thing, ...

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I. dislike1 /dɪsˈlaɪk/ verb [transitive not in progressive]
[Word Family: noun: likedislike, liking; verb: likedislike; adjective: likeable]
to think someone or something is unpleasant and not like them Antonym : like:
Why do you dislike her so much?
dislike doing something
I dislike being the centre of attention.

In everyday English, people usually say don’t like rather than dislike:
Why don’t you like her?
He doesn’t like being criticized.

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II. dislike2 /dɪsˈlaɪk, ˈdɪslaɪk/ noun
[Word Family: noun: likedislike, liking; verb: likedislike; adjective: likeable]

1. [uncountable and countable] a feeling of not liking someone or something Antonym : liking
dislike of
She shared her mother’s dislike of housework.
dislike for
Truman had a strong dislike for communism.
intense/acute/violent etc dislike (=very strong dislike)
His colleagues regarded him with intense dislike.
They took an instant dislike to each other (=they disliked each other immediately).

2. dislikes [plural] the things that you do not like:
A good hotel manager should know his regular guests’ likes and dislikes.

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I. feeling of not liking sb/sth
ADJ. acute, deep, great, hearty, intense, real, strong, violent Several committee members expressed their intense dislike of the chairman.
growing | particular | obvious, marked | instant | instinctive | open | active She threw him a look of active dislike.
cold He glanced at her with cold dislike.
pathological | personal | mutual In spite of their mutual dislike and hostility, they quite often worked together.
VERB + DISLIKE feel, have She felt dislike rather than sympathy as he told his story. My grandfather has a great dislike of long hair on boys.
express, show | take I took an instant dislike to my new colleague.
PREP. with ~ Sonia stared at me with dislike and distrust.
~ for She had a deep dislike for Robert's wife.
PHRASES a feeling/look of dislike

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II. sth you do not like
PHRASES your likes and dislikes I've told you all my likes and dislikes.

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ADV. cordially, greatly, heartily, intensely, positively, really, strongly She disliked her boss intensely.
particularly | simply He simply disliked working with committees and avoided it whenever possible.
instinctively | actively There are very few foods that I actively dislike.
clearly, obviously
PHRASES be universally/widely disliked The new teacher was universally disliked.

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