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FORMAL vocabulary

disorderly /dɪsˈɔːdəli $ -ˈɔːrdər-/ adjective

بی نظم ، بی ترتیب ، نامنظم ، مختل ، شلوغ ، ناامن
- untidy, chaotic, confused, disorganized, higgledy-piggledy (informal), jumbled, messy, shambolic (informal)
- unruly, disruptive, indisciplined, lawless, riotous, rowdy, tumultuous, turbulent, ungovernable

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disorderly /dɪsˈɔːdəli $ -ˈɔːrdər-/ adjective formal
[Word Family: noun: orderdisorder, ordering; adjective: ordereddisordered, orderlydisorderly; verb: order]

1. untidy or without any order Antonym : orderly:
clothes left in a disorderly heap

2. behaving in a noisy violent way and causing trouble in a public place
disorderly conduct/behaviour
He was arrested for disorderly conduct.
Bell denied being drunk and disorderly.

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