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distance /ˈdɪstəns/ noun

مسیر مسابقه ، مدت بازی ، مسافت ، فاصله ، دوری ، بعد ، دورکردن ، دورنگاهداشتن ، پشت سرگذاشتن ، علوم مهندسی: فاصله ، عمران: فاصله ، معماری: فاصله ، قانون ـ فقه: مسافت ، ورزش: فاصله ، قسمتی از مسیر مسابقه مشخص شده به وسیله پرچم یا میله ، تعداد کیلومترهای طی شده در شکار با اسب ، علوم هوایی: فاصله ، علوم نظامی: برد سلاح
- space, extent, gap, interval, length, range, span, stretch
- reserve, aloofness, coldness, coolness, remoteness, restraint, stiffness
- in the distance: far off, afar, far away, on the horizon, yonder
- distance oneself: separate oneself, be distanced from, dissociate oneself
Related Words: area, extent, ambit, compass, extension, orbit, purview, radius, range, reach, scope, sweep, size, piece, spell

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I. distance1 S2 W2 /ˈdɪstəns/ noun
[Word Family: verb: distance; noun: distance; adverb: distantly; adjective: distant]

1. AMOUNT OF SPACE [uncountable and countable] the amount of space between two places or things
distance from/between
the distance from Chicago to Detroit
Measure the distance between the two points.
The cottage is some distance (=quite a long distance) from the road.
at a distance of 2 feet/10 metres etc
A shark can smell blood at a distance of half a kilometer.

In everyday English, when talking about how far something is, people often use an expression such as how far or a long/short way rather than the noun distance:
What is the distance from Chicago to Detroit?How far is it from Chicago to Detroit?
| The cottage is some distance from the road. ➔ The cottage is a long way from the road.

2. FAR AWAY [singular] used to talk about a situation when something is far away from you in space or time
in the distance
Church bells rang in the distance (=they were far away).
at/from a distance
We watched from a distance.

3. UNFRIENDLY FEELING [singular] a situation in which two people do not have a close friendly relationship
distance between
There was still a distance between me and my father.

4. keep your distance
a) to stay far enough away from someone or something to be safe:
A lighthouse on the cliff warns ships to keep their distance.
b) (also keep somebody at a distance) to avoid becoming too friendly with someone:
The neighbours tend to keep their distance.

5. go the (full) distance informal to finish something you have started:
Do you think Greg will go the distance this time?
long-distance, middle distance

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II. distance2 verb
[Word Family: verb: distance; noun: distance; adverb: distantly; adjective: distant]
distance yourself (from something) to say that you are not involved with someone or something, especially to avoid being connected with them:
The UNO has firmly distanced itself from the anti-government movement.

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I. amount of space between two points
ADJ. appreciable, considerable, enormous, fair, good, great, huge, large, long, vast The town is a considerable distance from the coast. It's quite a good distance to the nearest village. The people travel vast distances to find food.
short, small | reasonable | certain, given | average, mean the average distance covered during pursuits by cheetahs
equal | maximum, minimum | optimum | correct, right | exact | full | extra | fixed | finite, infinite | careful, comfortable, convenient, discreet, respectful, safe The cat sat and watched us from a safe distance.
braking, stopping Allow for greater braking distances when pulling a loaded trailer.
geographical, physical These immigrants face problems of geographical distance and cultural isolation.
VERB + DISTANCE cover, fly, go, travel, walk The young birds were soon flying distances of 200 feet or more.
(figurative) Nobody thought he would last 15 rounds but he went the full distance.
keep I kept a comfortable distance behind the van.
determine, measure | gauge, judge It is very difficult to judge distances in the desert.
DISTANCE + NOUN runner, running a long-distance runner
PREP. at a ~ (from/of) When launching a kick it is essential to be at the correct distance from your opponent. The town is situated at a distance of twenty miles from Oxford. She followed them at a discreet distance.
from a ~ (of) Visitors can only view the painting from a distance of three metres.
over a ~ (of) The sound can be heard over a distance of more than five miles.
within a ~ children living within a certain distance of the school
~ away from The house is a short distance away from the bus station.
~ between What's the distance between London and Edinburgh?
~ from, ~ to the distance from our house to the school
PHRASES a … distance ahead, away, apart, etc. A bomb exploded some distance away.
within commuting/driving/strolling/travelling/wal distance The shops are within walking distance.
within hailing/shouting/sniffing/spitting/striking/ distance The cat was now within striking distance of the duck.
(figurative) We came within spitting distance of winning the cup.

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II. point a long way away/being far away
ADJ. far, middle I could just see the hills in the far distance.
blue (literary) The moors stretched away into the blue distance (= the sky).
DISTANCE + NOUN learning The Open University offers a wide range of distance learning programmes. | vision to have good distance vision
PREP. at a ~ At a distance it is difficult to make out the detail on the building.
from a ~ We admired the palace from a distance.
in the ~ In the distance was a small village.

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III. not being too closely involved
ADJ. critical, professional | emotional, psychological, social
VERB + DISTANCE keep, maintain She was warned to keep her distance from Charles if she didn't want to get hurt. Sociologists must maintain critical distance from the ideas of society at any particular time.
PREP. ~ from He felt a sense of distance from the others.
PHRASES a sense of distance

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a long/great/considerable distance
The sound of guns seemed a long distance away.
a short distance
I quickly walked the short distance to the car.
a safe distance (=enough space to be safe)
You should keep a safe distance from the car in front.
some distance (=quite a long distance)
He heard a scream some distance away.
vast distances
The aircraft is able to carry huge loads over vast distances.
the stopping/braking distance (=how far you travel in a car after pressing the brakes)
What’s the stopping distance at 30 miles an hour?
travel a great/long etc distance
In some countries children must travel great distances to school each day.
measure the distance between things
Now we are able to measure the distances between the planets.
judge distances (=judge how much space there is between things)
Animals that hunt can judge distances very well.
within (easy) walking distance (=near enough to walk to easily)
There are lots of restaurants within walking distance.
within travelling/commuting/driving distance of something (=near enough to make travel to or from a place possible)
The job was not within travelling distance of my home.
within striking distance of something (=not far from something, especially something you are going to attack)
Their troops had advanced to within striking distance of the town.
within spitting distance informal (=very near something)
The ball passed within spitting distance of the goal.
put some distance between yourself and somebody/something (=go quite a long way from them)
He wanted to put some distance between himself and his pursuers.

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BAD: It was a long distance between the hotel and the beach.
GOOD: It was a long way from the hotel to the beach.

Usage Note:
When you want to say that two places are far apart, use a long way (NOT a long distance ): 'My flat is quite a long way from the university.' 'We're nearly half-way there, but there's still a long way to go.'
Compare: 'I hate driving long distances.' 'Computers can talk to each other, even over long distances.' 'Trains are best for long distance travel.'

BAD: The nearest town is in a distance of ten miles.
GOOD: The nearest town is ten miles away.

Usage Note:
One place is a number of miles/kilometres/yards etc away from another place: 'She was offered a job in Sheffield, about thirty miles away.' The secondary school is about five miles away.'

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See: keep at a distance , keep one's distance

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