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division /dəˈvɪʒən, dɪˈvɪʒən/ noun

اتحادیه باشگاههای حرفه ای ، دسته گروه اسبهای مسابقه معین ، لشگر ، دایره ، رسته تقسیم کردن ، بخش (در سازمانها) ، تقسیم ، بخش ، قسمت ، دسته بندی ، طبقه بندی ، (نظ). لشکر ، (مج). اختلاف ، تفرقه ، علوم مهندسی: قسمت ، عمران: تقسیم ، معماری: قسمت ، قانون ـ فقه: قسمت ، روانشناسی: بخش ، ورزش: گروه وزنی ، علوم نظامی: تقسیمات

: division 1

علوم دریایی: ناو گروه

: division 2

علوم دریایی: قسمت

: division 3 (mil)

علوم دریایی: لشکر

: division 4

بازدید (پرسنل و قسمت) ، علوم دریایی: بازدید
مهندسی صنایع: نیروی انسانی: بخش - قسمت کامپیوتر: تقسیم

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- separation, cutting up, dividing, partition, splitting up
- sharing, allotment, apportionment, distribution
- part, branch, category, class, department, group, section
- disagreement, difference of opinion, discord, rupture, split, variance

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division S3 W1 /dəˈvɪʒən, dɪˈvɪʒən/ noun
[Word Family: noun: divide, division, subdivision; adjective: dividedundivided, divisibleindivisible, divisive; verb: divide, subdivide]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: Latin divisio, from dividere; divide1]

1. SEPARATING [uncountable and countable] the act of separating something into two or more different parts, or the way these parts are separated or shared
division of something between/among/into something
the division of words into syllables
the traditional division of labour (=the way that particular tasks are shared) between husband and wife

2. DISAGREEMENT [uncountable and countable] disagreement among the members of a group that makes them form smaller opposing groups
division between/within/among something
Can he heal the deep divisions among Republican ranks?
racial/class/gender etc division
The old class divisions had begun to break down.
The Army was plagued by internal divisions.

3. MATHEMATICS [uncountable] the process of finding out how many times one number is contained in another ⇒ multiplication, long division

4. PART OF AN ORGANIZATION [countable] a group that does a particular job within a large organization:
the Computer Services Division

5. MILITARY [countable] a large military group:
a tank division

6. SPORT [countable] one of the groups of teams that a sports competition is divided into, often based on the number of games they have won
the Premier/First/Second/Third/Fourth Division
a second-division club

7. IN PARLIAMENT [countable] a process in which members of the British parliament vote for something by dividing into groups:
MPs forced a division on the bill.
Some members supported the opposition in the division lobbies (=the rooms where the vote takes place).

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I. dividing sth into separate parts
ADJ. clear, distinct, simple Sometimes there is no simple division between good and evil.
complex, elaborate | rigid | broad, rough | equal, fair | unequal, unfair an unequal division of the cake an unfair division of labour
conventional, time-honoured the conventional division of language into grammar and vocabulary
theoretical | hierarchical hierarchical division between ‘workers’ and ‘management’
threefold, three-way, tripartite | cell
VERB + DIVISION make You can make a rough division of his music into ‘light’ and ‘serious’.
PREP. ~ among His will detailed his assets and gave instructions for their division among his children.
~ between the division of the money between the members
~ into In selling there is a broad division into direct and indirect methods.
PHRASES the division of labour, the division of wealth

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II. differences between two groups/things, etc.
ADJ. bitter, deep, great, sharp There are sharp divisions within the party over the privatization of the railways.
fundamental | factional, internal factional divisions within the party
traditional | north-south | class, cultural, ethnic, gender, ideological, linguistic, political, sexual, social, societal
VERB + DIVISION create, provoke | exploit | heal The prime minister's speech will attempt to heal divisions within his party.
PREP. ~ among There are reports of serious divisions among senior party members.
~ between, ~ within division within the government

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III. section of an organization
ADJ. regional | industrial, manufacturing, marketing, retail, sales, training, wholesale | administrative the administrative divisions of the Roman Empire
airborne, armoured, infantry, etc. | first, high, low, premier, second, senior, top, etc. (sport) He's now playing football in the higher divisions.
heavyweight, lightweight, middleweight, etc. (= in boxing, etc.)
PREP. in the … ~ They compete in the senior division of the chess league.

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IV. dividing one number by another
ADJ. long
VERB + DIVISION do Can you do long division?
PREP. ~ by division by three

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