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divorce /dəˈvɔːs, dɪˈvɔːs $ -ɔːrs/ noun
divorce verb

تفرقه ، طلاق ، جدایی ، (مج). فسخ ، قانون ـ فقه: طلاق دادن ، روانشناسی: طلاق
- separation, annulment, dissolution, split-up
- separate, disconnect, dissociate, dissolve (marriage), divide, part, sever, split up
Related Words: disaffect, wean, break up, separate, split, annul, cancel
English Thesaurus: divorce, separate, split up/break up, leave somebod

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I. divorce1 S3 /dəˈvɔːs, dɪˈvɔːs $ -ɔːrs/ noun
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: French; Origin: Latin divertere 'to divert, leave one's husband']

1. [uncountable and countable] the legal ending of a marriage ⇒ separation:
Why doesn’t she get a divorce?
One in three marriages ends in divorce.
file/sue/petition for divorce (=start the legal divorce process)
His wife has started divorce proceedings.
the rise in the divorce rate
She received the house as part of the divorce settlement (=the amount of money, property etc each person receives in a divorce case).
The Act extended the grounds (=legal reasons) for divorce.

2. [countable usually singular] formal the fact of separating two related things
divorce between
the divorce between theory and method

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II. divorce2 verb
[Word Family: noun: divorcé, divorcee; verb: divorce; adjective: divorced]

1. [intransitive and transitive] if someone divorces their husband or wife, or if two people divorce, they legally end their marriage ⇒ separate:
David’s parents divorced when he was six.
My father threatened to divorce her.

2. [transitive] formal to separate two ideas, subjects etc completely
divorce something from something
It is difficult to divorce sport from politics.

3. [transitive] to stop being involved in an activity, organization, situation etc
divorce yourself from something
Our society has divorced itself from religion.

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ADJ. amicable, uncontested | acrimonious, bitter | messy, painful | quick
VERB + DIVORCE want | apply for, ask for, file for, petition for, seek, sue for, want She filed for divorce in 1996.
get, obtain He told her that he was married but getting a divorce.
experience, go through She watched her parents go through an acrimonious divorce.
agree to, consent to | contest These days divorce is rarely contested.
grant (sb) Over 50,000 divorces were granted last year.
refuse sb | end in An increasing number of marriages end in divorce.
DIVORCE + VERB come through He is waiting for the divorce to come through before he remarries.
DIVORCE + NOUN court | case, proceedings | decree, settlement | figures, rate, statistics The divorce rate has been growing steadily since 1971.
PREP. ~ from her divorce from the pop star
~ on the grounds of seeking a divorce on the grounds of cruelty
PHRASES grounds for divorce He cited adultery as grounds for divorce.

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get a divorce (=end your marriage)
Their marriage had never been happy and in the end they got a divorce.
go through a divorce (=experience getting a divorce)
I was going through a divorce and it was a very painful time.
want a divorce
She told him she wanted a divorce.
ask (somebody) for a divorce
She asked her husband for a divorce after he had been unfaithful.
a marriage ends in divorce
Five years later, their marriage ended in divorce.
file for divorce (also petition for divorce formal) (=start the legal divorce process)
The next day I saw a lawyer and filed for a divorce.
a bitter divorce (=involving very angry feelings)
After a long and bitter divorce, Wendy was looking forward to starting a new life.
a messy divorce (=complicated and unpleasant to deal with)
She wanted to avoid a messy divorce .
a painful divorce (=causing a lot of sadness)
I have been through a painful divorce, and know what it feels like.
the divorce rate (=the number of people who get a divorce)
The country has a high divorce rate.
divorce proceedings (=the legal processes of getting a divorce)
His first marriage was unsuccessful and led to long divorce proceedings.
a divorce settlement (=the amount of money, property etc each person gets in a divorce)
She received a $10 million divorce settlement from her first husband.
a divorce case (=a legal case dealing with a divorce)
It was the biggest divorce case that an English court has dealt with.
a divorce lawyer/court (=one dealing with divorce)
She's a famous New York divorce lawyer.
divorce papers (=documents concerning a divorce)
My husband refused to sign the divorce papers.
grounds for divorce (=acceptable reasons for divorce, according to the law)
Violence and neglect are grounds for divorce.

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BAD: Sally told me she was going to divorce.
GOOD: Sally told me she was going to get a divorce.
BAD: When there are children involved, it is difficult to divorce.
GOOD: When there are children involved, it is difficult to get divorced.

Usage Note:
get a divorce or get divorced (= end one's marriage by taking legal action): 'I had just turned ten when my parents got divorced.' 'It took my sister almost a year to get a divorce.'

BAD: The fact that your wife crashed the Ferrari is not a good reason to divorce to her.
GOOD: The fact that your wife crashed the Ferrari is not a good reason to divorce her.
BAD: For some reason, she didn't want to divorce with him.
GOOD: For some reason, she didn't want to divorce him.

Usage Note:
divorce sb (WITHOUT to/with ): 'She'd divorced her husband six months before and had gone back to live with her parents.'
Note that get divorced is far more common than divorce someone: 'For some reason, she didn't want to get divorced.'

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BAD: It's bad enough when you get divorce, but far worse when you lose your children as well.
GOOD: It's bad enough when you get divorced, but far worse when you lose your children as well.
BAD: If we were divorce, who would look after the children?
GOOD: If we were divorced, who would look after the children?

Usage Note:
be/get divorced (WITH 'd' ): 'They got divorced in 1993, just twelve months after they were married.' 'It seems as if getting divorced has become fashionable nowadays.'

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