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down /daʊn/ adverb, preposition, adjective
down- /daʊn/ prefix

عقب افتادن در امتیاز، خطای سرویس توپ خارج از بازی، انداختن توپدار به زمین (رگبی)، پایین (درمشاهده توپخانه)، پر دراوردن جوجه پرندگان، پرهای ریزی که برای متکا بکار میرود، کرک صورت، سوی پایین، بطرف پایین، بزیر، دلتنگ، غمگین، پیش قسط، از کارافتاده، قانون فقه: فجر، ورزش: به سوراخ انداخته شده، میله افتاده و اخراج توپزن، به عمق رفتن ماهی، علوم نظامی: پایین
ارسال ایمیل
- depressed, dejected, disheartened, downcast, low, miserable, sad, unhappy
- swallow, drain, drink (down), gulp, put away, toss off
- have a down on: be antagonistic or hostile to, bear a grudge towards, be prejudiced against, be set against, have it in for (slang)
Antonyms: up
Contrasted words: aloft, upward, upwardly, upwards
Related Idioms: from top to bottom
Related Words: below, earthward, groundward, downgrade, downhill, downslope
English Thesaurus: broken, out of order, down, go down, on the blink, ...

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Down, County
a former county in southeast Northern Ireland, next to the Irish Sea. In 1973 County Down was divided into seven local government districts (=areas of a country that have official borders).

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I. down1 S1 W1 /daʊn/ adverb, preposition, adjective

1. TO A LOWER POSITION to or towards a lower place or position Antonym : up:
David bent down to tie his shoelace.
Get down off the table.
Tears were streaming down my face.
The sun was going down and it would soon be dark.
They came running down the stairs.
She stood on a balcony looking down into the courtyard.
Glancing down the list of runners, I noticed a familiar name.
Her hair came down to her waist.
Ken fell asleep face down (=with his face towards the ground) on the couch.

2. IN A LOWER PLACE in a lower place or position Antonym : up:
We heard the sound of laughter down below.
The bathroom is down those stairs.
Halfway down the page, there was the item I was looking for.

3. TO LIE/SIT into a sitting or lying position:
Please sit down.
I think I’ll go and lie down for a while.

4. ALONG at or to a place that is further along something such as a road or path:
A young man came hurrying down the street.
She looked down the road to see if anyone was coming.
There is a pleasant little cafe bar a hundred yards down the road.
The bus stop is a bit further down on the left-hand side.

5. SOUTH in or towards the south Antonym : up:
They drove all the way down from Boston to Miami.
They sailed down the east coast of Africa.
Now he’s bought a villa down south.
a trip down Mexico way

6. SOMEWHERE LOCAL at or to a place that is not far away:
She’s just gone down to the shops.
I saw her down at the station this morning.

7. RIVER away from the place where a river starts Antonym : up:
Chunks of ice came floating down the river.

8. FASTENED TO A SURFACE used with verbs that mean ‘fasten’ to show that something is fastened firmly to the surface or object below it:
The coffin lid had been nailed down.

9. LESS at or towards a level or amount that is less Antonym : up:
Keep your speed down.
House prices have come down in recent months.
Turn the radio down.
down to
Sharif cut his report down to only three pages.

10. LOSING losing to an opponent by a certain number of points
two goals down/three points down etc
Swindon were six points down at one stage.

11. WRITTEN used with verbs that mean ‘write’ to show that you write something on paper or in a book:
I’ll write down the address for you.
Start by jotting down a few ideas.
Let’s put you down as self-employed.

12. ON A LIST if you are down for something, your name is on a list of people who want to do something or are intended to do something
down for
Purvis is down for the 200 metre freestyle event.
We’ve already put his name down for nursery school.
down to do something
I’ve got you down to do the table decorations.

13. TO LATER TIMES from an earlier time in history to a later time or to people who are born in later times:
a person whose words and actions have inspired millions of people down the centuries
This knowledge was handed down in the family from father to son.
The story has been passed down the generations for a thousand years.
down to
traditions that have come down to us from medieval times

14. PAID IMMEDIATELY paid to someone immediately:
A top quality freezer for only £20 down and £5 a week for a year.

15. EVERY PART from top to bottom:
I want you to wash my car down.

16. SWALLOWED in or into your stomach as a result of swallowing:
Meg’s been very ill and can’t keep her food down.
He gulped down the coffee.

17. SAD unhappy or sad:
Tim’s been feeling down.

18. COMPUTER if a computer is down, it is not working Antonym : up

19. be down to somebody if an action or decision is down to you, it is your responsibility:
It’s down to me to make sure that everyone is up to somebody at up1(19b)

20. be down to somebody/something to be the result of one person’s actions or one particular thing:
Chris’s success is all down to him.

21. be down to your last pound/dollar/litre etc to be left with only a small amount of something:
We’re down to our last five dollars.

22. down to something/somebody including everything or everyone, even the smallest thing or the least important person:
Everyone uses the cafeteria, from the managing director down to the office boy.
The plans were all complete down to the last detail.

23. be/go down with something to have a particular illness:
Jane’s gone down with flu.

24. Down with somebody/something spoken used to say that you strongly oppose a government, leader etc and want them to lose their power:
Down with the government!

25. be down on somebody/something informal to have a severe attitude towards someone or something, especially when this is unfair:
Why is Mark so down on her at the moment?

26. LEAVING UNIVERSITY British English used to say that someone leaves or has left a university at the end of a period of study
down from
Sarah came down from Oxford in 1966.

27. COMPLETED already done or completed:
Well, you’ve passed your second test, so it’s two down and four more to go.

28. down under informal in or to Australia or New Zealand

29. Down! spoken used to tell a jumping dog to get down

30. be down with somebody spoken informal to be friends with someone
be down on your luck at luck1(17)

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II. down2 verb [transitive]
[Sense 1-2: Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old Norse; Origin: dúnn]
[Sense 3, 5: Date: 1800-1900; Origin: down2]
[Sense 4: Language: Old English; Origin: dun 'hill']

1. to drink or eat something quickly:
He downed the coffee in one gulp.

2. to knock or force someone to the ground:
O'Malley downed his opponent in the first round.

3. down tools British English to stop working, especially because you are taking part in a strike (=protest about pay or conditions by stopping work)

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III. down3 noun

1. [uncountable] soft hair like a baby’s

2. [uncountable] the soft fine feathers of a bird

3. [countable] one of the four chances that an American football team has to move forward when it is their turn to have the ball

4. the downs low round hills covered with grass, as in the south of England

5. have a down on somebody British English informal to dislike or have a bad opinion of someone:
For some reason, Malcolm had a down on the whole teaching profession.
ups and downs at up2(1)

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down- /daʊn/ prefix

1. at or towards the bottom or end of something ⇒ up-:
downriver (=nearer to where it goes into the sea)

2. used to show that something is being made smaller or less important Antonym : up-:
to downgrade a job (=make it less important)
to downsize a company (=reduce the number of jobs in it)

3. used to show that something is bad or negative Antonym : up-:
the downside of a situation (=the negative part of it)
down-market products (=low quality products)

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at-heel|down-at-the-heel|down-at-the-heels adj. Poorly kept up or dressed shabby; not neat; sloppy.
John is always down-at-the-heels, but his sister is always very neat.
Old houses sometimes look down-at-the-heel.

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agreement breaks down all the way down/across/through along/down the road as soft as down average down back down back down from batten down batten down the hatches battery hold down be down up be/go down with beam down bear down bear down on beat down beat down on beat down to beat hands down beat the door down bed down bird swoops down blow down bog down bog down in boil down boil down to bolt down bow down bow down before/to bow down to bowed down by grief break down break down and weep break down in tears break down of negotiation break down roll break down voltage break/tear down barriers breaking down of insulation breaking down pass breaking down roll breaking down stand breaking down train breathe down neck breathe down your neck breathing down neck bring a plane down bring back down to earth bring down bring down a government bring down a peg or two bring down on bring down on/upon bring down the curtain on bring down the house bring down to earth bring down upon bring the house down broken down brush down brush yourself down bucket down buckle down buckle down to buckle down to do bunk down burn down burn down ar low button down call down call down on/upon calm down came down on like a ton of bricks car breaks down cargo tie down point cast down cast oneself down prostrate catch with their pants down catch with their pants/trousers down caught with pants down caught with trousers down caught with your pants down caught with your trousers down chase down cheese down choke down chop down chop down a tree chow down chuck it down clamp down clamp down on clatter down clean down climb down close down cog down coil down come back down to earth come back down to earth with a bang come back down to earth with a bump come back down to earth with a jolt come back/down to earth come down come down by inheritance come down gracefully come down hard on come down in price come down off your high horse come down on come down on like a ton of bricks come down on the side of come down the pike come down the steps come down to come down to earth come down to earth with a bang come down to earth with a bump come down to earth with a jolt come down with come down with a cold come down with a run computer is down continue down to the wire cool down cool down/off copy down cough down a speaker count down count down to crack down crack down on criticize/nag/hassle up one side and down the other cry down curtain comes down on cut down cut down on cut down to size damp down dead from the waist down deep down die down dismiss/throw out/turn down an appeal divide/split down the middle do down dog down down and dirty down and out down at heel down at the heels down box down current down draft down for the count down gate down hand welding down hill casting down home down in the dumps down in the mouth down line down line processor down lying down on down on like a ton of bricks down on luck down on one's luck down on uppers down on your luck down on your uppers down one's alley down payment down pipe down pipes down sprue down stairs down stream down stroke down the drain down the hatch down the line down the road down the tube down time down to down to earth down to the bone down to the ground down to the last detail down to the smallest/last detail down to your last pound/dollar/litre down tools down under down with down with an illness down with him down with it down your drink down your/london way down, county down's disease down's syndrome drag down draw down draw up/lay down a code dress down dress down friday dressing down drill down drive down drop down menu drop/go down like ninepins dumb down eider down electric break down enrol on a course/put your name down for a course excitement dies down face anyone down face down face down feed face down/downwards fake down fall down fall down on the job fall down the river fall/sit down with a bump falling down feel let down fight down fill down fine down fire dies down first down flag down flame dies down fling down the gauntlet flush down the toilet flushed down the toilet fog comes down force down force down throat force/ram/shove down throat from the waist up/down full and down further down further down the road gear down get bogged down get down get down off your high horse get down to get down to brass tacks get down to business get down to the facts get down to the nitty gritty get down to work get head down get the low down on get the thumbs down get your head down get/keep your weight down get/put your head down give a thumbs down give the low down give the low down on give the thumbs down give your life/lay down your life go down go down a peg go down a treat go down a/this road go down fighting go down in flames go down in the world go down like a lead balloon go down on go down on bended knee go down on one's knees go down that road go down the line go down the pan go down the plughole go down the shops/club/park go down the swanee go down the tubes go down the wrong way go down to the wire go down well/badly/a treat go down with go down/fall like ninepins go up/come down in estimation go up/come down in the world go/come/be down to the wire go/walk down the aisle gobble up/down grind down groan down gulp down gun down hack off/down hand a decision down hand a decision down to hand a verdict down hand a verdict down to hand down hand down a decision/ruling/sentence hand down from generation to generation hand down to hand me down handed down hands down haul down have a down on have a lie down have down on like a ton of bricks have down on you like a ton of bricks have down pat have down to a fine art have down to a science have/get down to a fine art head down heave a ship down hew down hit when they are down hold down hold down a job hold down for battery separator howl down hull down hunker down hunt down hurl down ice down impose/hand down a sentence it is pissing down it's chucking it down it's tipping down jot down jot down/scribble notes jump down throat jumping up and down keep down keep head down keep inflation down keep it down keep one's head down keep your head down keep your voice down kick when down kick when they are down kick when they're down kick/hit a man when he's down kick/hit a man when he's down kneel down knock down knock down drag out knock down drag out fight knock down the price of knock down to size knocked down knuckle down knuckle down to laid down by statute laugh down laugh till you cry/laugh till the tears run down your face lay down lay down a principle lay down a railway lay down a rule lay down arms lay down life lay down on the job lay down one's life lay down one's life for lay down the condition lay down the law lay down wine lay down/set/impose conditions lead down the garden path let down let down easy let down lightly/gently let down one's hair let hair down let one's hair down let the side down let your guard/defences down let your hair down lie down lie down on the job lie down under live down load down look down look down nose at look down on look down one's nose at look down your nose at look one up and down look up and down loss of down low down machine down time man down mark down mark down a price mark down an article mark down as marriage breaks down/up melt down minimum down payment minute down mist comes down/in mix down move down mow down nail down nail down to narrow down negotiations break down never live down nose down not take lying down note down nothing down oars down on the down grade open/pull down/draw the blinds page down pare down pass down pay down peck down a wall peg down pin down pin down to pipe down plane touches down plank down plant down there play down play down on play down the importance/seriousness/significance of plop down plummet down plump down plunk down porton down pour money down the drain power down preach down pt down pull down pull down a menu pull down menu pull down/drop down menu pull down/drop down menu pull down/knock down/tear down a building pull down/knock down/tear down a building push down push down list push down stack put anyone down for a fool put down put down a deposit put down a motion/an amendment put down a revolution/revolt/rebellion put down an airplane put down an animal put down as put down as bad put down for put down for £5/£20 put down in black and white put down roots put down to put down to experience put down/crush a revolt put foot down put head down put it down to experience put one's foot down put one's foot down about put one's name down put poison down put your foot down put your success down to put/get down on paper put/lay/set down a marker rain blows/blows rain down rain comes down rain down rain pelts down rain pours down ram down throat rate goes down reach down reduce/lower/bring down the cost refuse/reject/turn down an application refuse/turn down an invitation ride one down ride up/down right down alley right up/down alley ring down the curtain ring down the curtain on roar down roll a window down roll down roll up/down a window round down rub down run down run you down running down case sales fall/drop/go down salt down sand down scale down scale down/back scale up or down scarf down scarf down/up scowl down scrape down scream the place down scroll up/down sell down the river send chills down spine send down send down for send down rain send shivers down spine send shivers down your spine sent a chill down spine sent down set down set to work/get down to work set to/get to/get down to work settle down settle down to shake down shake down mulberries shares fall/go down shave down sheet down shin up/down shinny up/down shoot down shoot down a plane shoot down in flames shout down shove down throat shut down shut down a computer shut down point shutt down simmer down sit down sit down and do sit down strike/protest sit down under slam the phone down slap down slick down/back slim down slow down slow down/up slush down smash down snarf down snug down sober down solids press down something will go down in history speak down to spell down stand down stand down from a committee stare down step down step down as step down from step down from a job step down from a position step down transformer stop down strike down stripped down to stroke anyone down suit down to the ground sun beats down/blazes down sun beats down/blazes down sun sets/goes down suppress/crush/put down a rebellion suppress/crush/put down a revolt swan's down swan's down swear up and down sweep down on tail down take a stroll down memory lane take a trip down memory lane take down take down a notch or two take down a peg take down a peg or two take lying down take/bring down a peg talk down talk down in price talk down to talks break down/collapse tamp down tar down tear down teem down things calm down throw away/pass up/turn down a chance throw down throw down the gauntlet throw down the glove throw yourself at/on/into/down thumbs down on thumbs up/down tie down tie down to tire down tone down top down top down development top down programming toss down touch down towel down towel down/off track down track down a person trade down trade down to tread down trickle down trickle down effect trickle down/from/out of trim down tumble down turn down turn down/refuse/reject/decline an offer turn the fire up/down turn the radio down/up turn the television up/down turn thumbs down turn thumbs down on turn upside down turned him down two up, two down up and down up hill and down dale ups and down upside down vote down walk down the aisle together walk/trip down memory lane warm down wash down wash down with water down watered down wave down wear down weigh down weigh down on went down a treat went down like a lead balloon went down pit wet down when it comes right down to it when the chips are down whittle down whole world came crashing down around whole world came crashing down around you win hands down win/beat hands down wind down wind drops/dies down winnow down wipe down with pants down wolf down write down writes down writes down a person

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