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driving /ˈdraɪvɪŋ/ noun [uncountable]

محرک ، راننده ، موثر ، رانندگی ، علوم مهندسی: سواری ، معماری: کوبش ، ورزش: بردن مسابقه در نتیجه فشار زیاد سوارکار
Synonyms: forceful, compelling, dynamic, energetic, sweeping, vigorous, violent

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I. driving1 /ˈdraɪvɪŋ/ noun [uncountable]
[Word Family: noun: drive, driver, driving; verb: drive; adjective: driving]
the activity of driving a car, truck etc:
driving lessons
He was charged with causing death by dangerous driving.
hazardous driving conditions (=weather that makes driving dangerous)in the driving seat at seat1(11)

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II. driving2 adjective
[Word Family: noun: drive, driver, driving; verb: drive; adjective: driving]

1. driving rain/snow rain or snow that falls very hard and fast

2. driving force someone or something that strongly influences people and makes them do something
driving force behind
Hawks was the driving force behind the project.

3. driving ambition a very great desire to do or achieve something

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ADJ. good, safe a new campaign to promote safe driving
aggressive, bad, careless, dangerous, reckless She was charged with reckless driving.
drink, drunk, drunken Police stopped 30 motorists for drink driving on New Year's Eve.
VERB + DRIVING be banned from, be disqualified from He was banned from driving for six months after failing a breath test.
DRIVING + NOUN seat | instructor, lesson | test | offence | charge There wasn't enough evidence for a dangerous driving charge.
ban She was given a large fine and a two-year driving ban.

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a driving licence British English (=an official document that shows you are allowed to drive)
When hiring a car, you must bring your driving licence.
a driving test (=that you must pass before you are allowed to drive)
I passed my driving test the second time I took it.
a driving lesson (=in which you are taught to drive)
Jane is having driving lessons.
a driving instructor (=a person whose job is teaching people to drive)
It's important to feel comfortable with your driving instructor.
a driving offence (=an action that breaks the laws on driving)
He had to appear in court for a driving offence.
a driving ban (=a legal order that forbids you to drive)
After the accident he faced a three-year driving ban.
driving conditions (=how safe it is to drive, especially because of the weather)
Icy roads have made driving conditions dangerous.
careless/dangerous driving
She pleaded guilty to causing death by dangerous driving.
reckless driving (=careless and taking risks)
Baldwin faces charges of reckless driving.
bad driving
Bad driving can cause potentially fatal accidents.
safe driving (=driving well and carefully)
Young drivers should be educated about safe driving.
drink-driving British English, drunk driving especially American English (=the offence of driving after drinking too much alcohol)
Len was convicted on a charge of drink-driving.
be banned/disqualified from driving (=be forbidden to drive by law)
Murray was banned from driving for six months after admitting to speeding.

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