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drunken /ˈdrʌŋkən/ adjective [only before noun]

Synonyms: intoxicated, boozy, drunk, inebriated, oiled, pie-eyed, spiflicated, stewed, tight, tipsy
English Thesaurus: drunk, tipsy/merry, pissed, intoxicated, paralytic/legless, ...

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drunken /ˈdrʌŋkən/ adjective [only before noun]
[Word Family: noun: drink, drinker, drinking, drunk, drunkenness; adjective: drunk, drunken; verb: drink; adverb: drunkenly]

1. drunk or showing that you are drunk:
He was a drunken bully.
She was lying in a drunken stupor (=nearly unconscious from being drunk) on the sidewalk.

2. drunken party/orgy/brawl etc a party etc where people are drunk:
Tom got into a drunken brawl (=fight) in a bar.
—drunkenly adverb
—drunkenness noun [uncountable]

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BAD: The man was obviously drunken.
GOOD: The man was obviously drunk.
BAD: One of the two drunken men shouted at me.
GOOD: One of the two drunks shouted at me.

Usage Note:
Drunken is rarely used to describe a person. It usually describes an action or event: 'drunken driving', 'drunken laughter', 'a drunken brawl', 'a drunken orgy'. The exception is 'drunken drivers' (usually drunk drivers in AmE). Drunken always comes before a noun.
To describe a person, use drunk (NOT drunken ): 'I think he wanted to get us all drunk.' 'One of the students was always getting drunk.' Drunk is not used before a noun.
When you mean 'a person who is drunk', use a drunk : 'A couple of drunks were causing a disturbance.'

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