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eastern , Eastern /ˈiːstən $ -ərn/ adjective (written abbreviation E)

شرقی ، خاوری ، ساکن شرق ، بطرف شرق
eastern S2 W2 , Eastern /ˈiːstən $ -ərn/ adjective (written abbreviation E)
[Word Family: adjective: east, easterly, eastern, eastbound, easternmost, eastward; noun: east, easterner, easterly; adverb: east, eastward(s)]

1. in or from the east of a country or area:
the eastern shore of the island
farmers in eastern England

2. in or from the countries in Asia, especially China and Japan:
Eastern religions

3. in or from the countries in the east part of Europe, especially the countries that used to have Communist governments:
Eastern Europe

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