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ebb /eb/ noun

جزر ، فرونشینی ، (مج). زوال ، فروکش کردن ، افول کردن ، علوم دریایی: جزر شدن
- flow back, go out, recede, retire, retreat, subside, wane, withdraw
- decline, decrease, diminish, dwindle, fade away, fall away, flag, lessen, peter out
- flowing back, going out, low tide, low water, retreat, subsidence, wane, withdrawal
Antonyms: flow
Contrasted words: ascend, increase, mount, rise, advance, progress
Related Words: decline, peter (out), recede, retreat, retrograde

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I. ebb1 /eb/ noun
[Language: Old English; Origin: ebba]

1. [singular] (also ebb tide) the flow of the sea away from the shore, when the tide goes out Antonym : flood tide

2. be at a low ebb to be in a bad state or condition:
His confidence is at a low ebb.

3. ebb and flow a situation or state in which something increases and decreases in a kind of pattern:
the ebb and flow of the conversation
the ebb and flow of passengers in the station

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II. ebb2 verb [intransitive]

1. if the tide ebbs, it flows away from the shore

2. (also ebb away) to gradually decrease:
Linda’s enthusiasm began to ebb away.

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ADJ. strong
EBB + NOUN tide They left the harbour on the ebb tide.
PREP. against an/the ~ It was difficult sailing upstream against a strong ebb.
on an/the ~ By this time, the tide was on the ebb. We floated away from the beach on the ebb.
with an/the ~ They went out to sea with the ebb.
PHRASES the ebb and flow of the tide

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ADV. away He knew that his life was ebbing away.
VERB + EBB begin to Her strength began to ebb.
seem to

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