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educated /ˈedjʊkeɪtəd, ˈedjʊkeɪtɪd $ ˈedʒə-/ adjective

تحصیل کرده ، فرهیخته ، روانشناسی: تحصیل کرده
- taught, coached, informed, instructed, nurtured, schooled, tutored
- cultured, civilized, cultivated, enlightened, knowledgeable, learned, refined, sophisticated

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educated /ˈedjʊkeɪtəd, ˈedjʊkeɪtɪd $ ˈedʒə-/ adjective
[Word Family: noun: education, educationalist, educationist, educator; adjective: educateduneducated, educational, educableineducable, educative; verb: educate; adverb: educationally]

1. having been well taught and learned a lot:
a highly educated woman

2. university-educated/well-educated/privately-educated etc having had a particular type of education

3. educated guess a guess that is likely to be correct because it is based on some knowledge:
Investors must make an educated guess as to the company’s potential.

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VERBS be, seem, sound
ADV. highly, impeccably, well She seemed intelligent and well educated.
badly, ill, poorly | reasonably, sufficiently | properly, suitably | fully | broadly the need for a broadly educated workforce
formally, traditionally Less formally educated people can acquire professional competence.
privately | expensively

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