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FORMAL vocabulary

effectual /ɪˈfektʃuəl/ adjective

انجام شدنی ، موثر
Synonyms: effective, efficacious, efficient, virtuous
Antonyms: ineffectual
Contrasted words: impotent, weak
Related Words: accomplishing, achieving, effecting, fulfilling, practicable, sound, useful, valid, workable, conclusive, decisive, determinative, influential, authoritative, potent, powerful, strong, toothy

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effectual /ɪˈfektʃuəl/ adjective formal
[Word Family: noun: effect, effectivenessineffectiveness; adjective: effectiveineffective, effectualineffectual; verb: effect; adverb: effectivelyineffectively]
producing the result that was wanted or intended Synonym : effective Antonym : ineffectual

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