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7-E·le·ven /ˌsevən ɪˈlevən/ noun [countable]
eleven /ɪˈlevən/ number, noun

تیم فوتبال ، عدد یازده ، ورزش: تیم 11 نفره هاکی روی چمن
7-E·le·ven /ˌsevən ɪˈlevən/ noun [countable] trademark
a small supermarket that sells food, drinks, magazines, cleaning products etc. and is open from early in the morning until very late at night. 7-Elevens are very common in the US, and there are also some in the UK, especially in London.

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eleven /ɪˈlevən/ number, noun
[Language: Old English; Origin: endleofan]

1. the number 11:
She was sent to jail for eleven months.
I never go to bed before eleven (=11 o'clock).
James had worked every summer since he was eleven (=11 years old).

2. [countable] a team of 11 players in football or cricket:
He plays regularly in the first eleven (=the best team of 11 players).

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