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emphasize (also emphasise) /ˈemfəsaɪz/ verb [transitive]

باقوت تلفظ کردن ، تایید کردن (در) ، اهمیت دادن ، نیرو دادن به
Synonyms: stress, accentuate, dwell on, give priority to, highlight, lay stress on, play up, press home, underline
Antonyms: de-emphasize
Contrasted words: depreciate, minimize, play (down), shrug off, underrate, understate
Related Idioms: bear down on (or upon)
Related Words: accent, accentuate, charge, highlight, mark, pinpoint, point (up), punctuate, spotlight, assert, press
English Thesaurus: emphasize, stress, highlight, underline/underscore, accentuate, ...

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emphasize S3 W2 AC (also emphasise British English) /ˈemfəsaɪz/ verb [transitive]
[Word Family: verb: emphasize; noun: emphasis; adverb: emphatically; adjective: emphatic]

1. to say something in a strong way Synonym : stress:
The report emphasizes the importance of improving safety standards.
Logan made a speech emphasizing the need for more volunteers.
emphasize that/how
The Prime Minister emphasized that there are no plans to raise taxes.

2. to say a word or phrase louder or higher than others to give it more importance Synonym : stress

3. to make something more noticeable Synonym : accentuate:
The dress emphasized the shape of her body.

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ADV. strongly | rightly The new law rightly emphasizes parental responsibility.
VERB + EMPHASIZE must, should I must emphasize that this is only a summary, and the full report will not be available until next week.
be important to It is important to emphasize this point.
seem to, serve to, tend to All the arguments and counter-arguments serve to emphasize the controversy surrounding this disease.
fail to | be at pains to, be keen to I have been at pains to emphasize the positive aspects of discipline.

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BAD: My previous teacher emphasized on the importance of grammar.
GOOD: My previous teacher emphasized the importance of grammar.

Usage Note:
emphasize sth (verb) WITHOUT on : 'The candidate made a short speech emphasizing the need for solidarity.'
emphasis on sth (noun): 'In all our courses there is an emphasis on student-centred learning.'

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