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enjoyment /ɪnˈdʒɔɪmənt/ noun

تمتع ، لذت ، خوشی ، برخورداری ، قانون ـ فقه: بهره مند شدن از
Synonyms: pleasure, amusement, delectation, delight, entertainment, fun, gratification, happiness, joy, relish
Contrasted words: abhorrence, antipathy, aversion, repugnance, repulsion
Related Words: delight, joy, amusement, entertainment, indulgence, savor, recreation, relaxation, gratification, satisfaction
English Thesaurus: fun, enjoyment, pleasure, good/great time, a blast, ...

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enjoyment /ɪnˈdʒɔɪmənt/ noun
[Word Family: verb: enjoy; noun: enjoyment; adverb: enjoyably; adjective: enjoyable]

1. [uncountable and countable] the feeling of pleasure you get from having or doing something, or something you enjoy doing:
Acting has brought me enormous enjoyment.
Unfortunately, a small minority want to spoil everyone else’s enjoyment.

2. [uncountable] formal the fact of having something

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ADJ. full, great, huge, maximum, real A large income is not necessary for the full enjoyment of life.
pure, sheer For sheer enjoyment, you can't beat this game.
evident, obvious | quiet, simple
VERB + ENJOYMENT derive, find, get, have They found real enjoyment just in being together.
bring (sb), give sb, provide (sb with) The show brought enjoyment to millions of viewers.
add to, enhance, increase Food is there to keep you healthy and enhance your enjoyment of life.
PREP. for (sb's) ~ I play rugby purely for enjoyment.
with ~ Mackie was smiling with enjoyment.
~ in The noise really spoilt her enjoyment in living there.
PHRASES a source of enjoyment Her little grandson has been a source of great enjoyment to her.

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