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enthusiastic /ɪnˌθjuːziˈæstɪk◂ $ ɪnˌθuː-/ adjective

مشتاق ، علاقه مند
Synonyms: keen, avid, eager, fervent, passionate, vigorous, wholehearted, zealous
Antonyms: unenthusiastic
Contrasted words: apathetic, detached, indifferent, reluctant, uninterested
Related Words: ardent, devoted, eager, fervent, hearty, spirited, gaga, gone (on), hopped-up, hipped, obsessed, passionate, vascular, rabid
English Thesaurus: enthusiastic, eager, keen, zealous, avid, ...

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enthusiastic S3 /ɪnˌθjuːziˈæstɪk◂ $ ɪnˌθuː-/ adjective
[Word Family: noun: enthusiasm, enthusiast; verb: enthuse; adverb: enthusiasticallyUNENTHUSIASTICALLY; adjective: enthusiasticUNENTHUSIASTIC]
feeling or showing a lot of interest and excitement about something
enthusiastic about (doing) something
All the staff are enthusiastic about the project.
The singer got an enthusiastic reception.
an enthusiastic supporter of reform
—enthusiastically /-kli/ adverb

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VERBS be, feel, look, seem, sound | become, get
ADV. all, extremely, highly, immensely, incredibly, really, very, wildly She's all enthusiastic about China now that she's been there. The audience was wildly enthusiastic.
less than, not overly, not particularly Mrs Neil did not seem particularly enthusiastic about her job.
largely Film critics are largely enthusiastic about the thriller.
fairly, quite | genuinely
PREP. about He was quite enthusiastic about the idea.
in enthusiastic in their support of him

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be/feel enthusiastic
The Irish are very enthusiastic about horse racing.
seem/appear enthusiastic
I wanted to go, but Helen seemed less enthusiastic.
sound enthusiastic
‘I’m sure we can do it,’ she said, trying to sound enthusiastic.
look enthusiastic
Your husband doesn’t look too enthusiastic about the idea.
enthusiastic support
His policies won him the enthusiastic support of middle-income voters.
enthusiastic supporter
He is an enthusiastic supporter of the war.
enthusiastic response
The proposal has received an enthusiastic response from the union.
enthusiastic reception/welcome
The audience gave him an enthusiastic reception.
enthusiastic crowd/audience
It’s nice to see such an enthusiastic crowd at the match.
enthusiastic applause
His speech was greeted by enthusiastic applause.
an enthusiastic amateur (=someone with a fairly low level of skill who tries hard)
There are a few professionals in the race, but most are enthusiastic amateurs.

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