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entrust /ɪnˈtrʌst/ verb [transitive]

واگذار کردن ، واگذارکردن ، بامانت سپردن ، قانون ـ فقه: تفویض کردن ، علوم نظامی: واگذار کردن
Synonyms: give custody of, assign, commit, confide, delegate, deliver, hand over, turn over
Related Idioms: give in trust
Related Words: confer, impose, delegate, relegate, allocate, allot, assign, deliver, deposit, leave, trust, bank, count, depend, reckon, rely

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entrust /ɪnˈtrʌst/ verb [transitive]
to make someone responsible for doing something important, or for taking care of someone
entrust something/somebody to somebody
She entrusted her son’s education to a private tutor.
be entrusted with something/somebody
I was entrusted with the task of looking after the money.

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