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entry /ˈentri/ noun (plural entries)

شرکت کننده ، دخول ، ادخال ، ورود ، راه ، راهرودر ، مدخل ، ثبت دردفتر ، چیزثبت شده یاواردشده ، قلم ، فقره ، علوم مهندسی: مدخل ، کامپیوتر: مقدار اطلاعات درون یک سلول مشخص ، قانون ـ فقه: ورود ، ورزش: نقطه شروع پرش یا چرخش ، ورود به اب
الکترونیک: مقدار اطلاعات درون یک سلول مشخص ، کامپیوتر: قلم ، فقره ، دخول ، ورود ، راهرو ، مدخل ، علوم مهندسی: ثبت ، دخول ، ورود ، حقوق: شرکت کننده ، نقطه شروع پرش یا چرخش ، اسکیت : شرطبندی روی اسب معین ، ورود به اب ، شیرجه ، : ورزشی: دخول ، ادخال ، ورود، راه ، راهرودر، مدخل ، ثبت دردفتر، ثبت ، چیزثبت شده یاواردشده ، قلم ، فقره کامپیوتر: وارده کامپیوتر: وارد

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- way in, access, door, doorway, entrance, gate, opening, passage
- coming in, appearance, entering, entrance, initiation, introduction
- admission, access, entrance, entrée, permission to enter
- record, account, item, listing, note
Antonyms: exit
Contrasted words: egress
Related Words: access, opening, threshold

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entry S3 W2 /ˈentri/ noun (plural entries)
[Word Family: noun: entrance, entrant, entry; verb: enter]
[Date: 1200-1300; Language: Old French; Origin: entree, from entrer; enter]

1. ACT OF ENTERING [uncountable and countable] the act of going into something Antonym : exit
entry into
It was dark and their entry into the camp had gone unnoticed.
Harry made his entry into the village.
There was no sign of a forced entry.
How did the thieves gain entry (=get in)?

2. BECOMING INVOLVED [uncountable] when someone starts to take part in a system, a particular kind of work etc, or the permission they need in order to do this
entry into/to
Britain’s entry into the European Union
the minimum height for entry into the police force
This enabled European banks to gain entry into new markets.
the entry requirements for a degree course

3. RIGHT TO ENTER [uncountable] the right to enter a place, building etc
entry to/into
Entry to the gardens is included in the price of admission.
The refugees were repeatedly refused entry into (=not allowed in) the country.
no entry (=written on signs to show that you are not allowed to go somewhere)
an entry visa

4. COMPETITION [countable]
a) something that you write, make, do etc in order to try and win a competition:
The winning entry will be published in our April issue.
What’s the closing date for entries?
b) [usually singular] the number of people or things taking part in a competition:
We’ve attracted a record entry this year.

5. SOMETHING WRITTEN [countable] a piece of writing in a diary, or in a book containing information such as a dictionary:
a dictionary entry

6. COMPUTER [uncountable] the act of putting information into a computer:
data entry

7. DOOR [countable] (also entryway American English) a door, gate, or passage that you go through to enter a place ⇒ entrance1(1)

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I. right to enter sth
ADJ. free The club offers free entry to women on Thursdays.
school, university
VERB + ENTRY apply for | gain | allow sb, grant sb They were later allowed entry into the country.
refuse sb, restrict It has been necessary to restrict entry into the club.
guarantee sb
ENTRY + NOUN criteria, qualifications, requirements, standard | visa | ticket Entry tickets to most attractions are included in the price of the holiday.
PREP. ~ into These qualifications will not guarantee you entry into the police force.
~ to She applied for entry to Nottingham University.
PHRASES right of entry The landlord had the right of entry to the flat with due warning.

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II. act of coming in
ADJ. forced, forcible The house was quiet, and there were no signs of a forced entry.
unauthorized The sign on the gates read ‘No Unauthorized Entry’.
illegal | dramatic | triumphal Caesar's triumphal entry into Rome
VERB + ENTRY force, gain He found the door locked, but he forced an entry.
make The champion made his usual dramatic entry into the arena.
ENTRY + NOUN point Drugs are believed to come into the country through five main entry points.
PREP. ~ into Hungary's entry into the EU
~ to She wondered how she could gain entry to the building.

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III. sb/sth that enters a competition
ADJ. winning The winning entry will be published in next month's issue.
VERB + ENTRY post, send (in) Send in your entry as soon as possible!
attract, get, have, receive The show attracted entries from all over the country. We have had a lot of entries this year.
ENTRY + NOUN coupon, form | fee
PREP. ~ for We had too many entries for this event.
~ in There were a record 2,000 entries in the under-17 section.
~ to one of the best entries to our competition

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IV. one item in a list/book
ADJ. diary | dictionary
VERB + ENTRY make, write
PREP. in an/the ~ Very little information is given in the diary entries.
~ for Look at the dictionary entry for ‘welcome’.
~ in the last entry she made in her diary
~ on First examine the entries on the marriage register.

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gain entry
Burglars use various methods to gain entry to houses.
force an entry (=get into a building by breaking a door, window etc)
The church was locked, but he managed to force an entry.
make your entry (=enter in a way that makes other people notice you)
She waited until everyone was sitting down before she made her entry.
illegal entry (=when someone gets into a building illegally)
The two men were later arrested and charged with illegal entry.
unauthorized entry (=when someone gets into a place where they are not allowed)
There was a big sign on the door saying NO UNAUTHORIZED ENTRY.
forced entry (=when someone gets into a building illegally by breaking a door, window etc)
There were no signs of a forced entry, but several paintings were missing.
an entry point (=a place where people can enter a country)
The 2,000 mile border is the main entry point into the country for illegal aliens.
gain entry (=be allowed to take part)
You need good exam results to gain entry to the best universities.
restrict entry (=stop someone taking part in something)
Tariffs on trade have the effect of restricting entry into the market.
university/college/school entry
Japan has one of the highest rates of college and university entry in the world.
entry requirements
Applicants must satisfy the normal entry requirements for the school.
entry qualifications
What are the entry qualifications for the course?
Guests have free entry to the hotel spa and gym.
Entry is free for children.
an entry visa (=a visa which allows you to enter a country)
Visitors to the United States must first obtain an entry visa.
an entry ticket (=a ticket that allows you to enter a place)
The holiday includes a 2-day entry ticket to the Euro Disneyland Theme Park.
apply for entry
The number of people applying for entry into the country is increasing every year.
allow (somebody) entry (also grant (somebody) entry formal) (=let someone enter a place)
Citizens of most EU countries are allowed automatic entry into Britain.
refuse/deny (somebody) entry (=stop someone entering)
He was refused entry to the club because he was wearing trainers.
no entry (=written on signs to show that you are not allowed to go somewhere)
The door had ‘No Entry’ written in large letters.

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See: port of entry

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Entry (Customs)
A statement of the kinds, quantities and values of goods imported together with duties, if any, declared before a customs official.

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