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environmental /ɪnˌvaɪrənˈmentl◂/ adjective

محیطی ، علوم هوایی: پرگیر
کامپیوتر: محیطی

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Synonyms: ecological, green

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environmental S2 W2 AC /ɪnˌvaɪrənˈmentl◂/ adjective
[Word Family: noun: environment, environmentalist; adverb: environmentally; adjective: environmental]

1. concerning or affecting the air, land, or water on Earth ⇒ ecological:
the environmental damage caused by the chemical industry
an international meeting to discuss environmental issues
the environmental impact of pollution from cars
an environmental group (=group of people who want to protect the environment)

2. concerning the people and things around you in your life, for example the buildings you use, the people you live or work with, and the general situation you are in:
environmental risks to employees’ health
—environmentally adverb:
environmentally damaging projects

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environmental issues
Environmental issues, such as cliff erosion and pollution, directly affect people’s lives.
environmental protection
Is environmental protection more important than economic growth?
environmental damage
the environmental damage caused by opencast mining
environmental pollution
Power stations cause a lot of environmental pollution.
environmental problems
Acid rain is one of the major environmental problems associated with burning coal.
environmental concerns
Residents have raised some valid environmental concerns about the nuclear plant.
environmental awareness (=how aware people are of environmental issues)
Schools are crucial in helping to raise environmental awareness.
an environmental group
a campaign by environmental groups to protect the Antarctic
the environmental movement (=all the groups concerned about the environment)
There are differences of opinion about nuclear power within the environmental movement.
the environmental impact
Don’t underestimate the environmental impact logging has on the rainforest.
environmental effects
The environmental effects of building the dam will be felt by generations to come.

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