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equal /ˈiːkwəl/ adjective

(adj.& n.) هم اندازه ، هم پایه ، همرتبه ، شبیه ، یکسان ، همانند ، همگن
(vt.& vi.) برابر شدن با ، مساوی بودن ، هم تراز کردن ، قانون ـ فقه: کفو ، روانشناسی: هم ارز
کامپیوتر: تساوی کامپیوتر: تساوی ، مساوی ، برابر

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- identical, alike, corresponding, equivalent, the same, uniform
- regular, symmetrical, uniform, unvarying
- even, balanced, evenly matched, fifty-fifty (informal), level pegging (Brit. informal)
- fair, egalitarian, even-handed, impartial, just, unbiased
- equal to: capable of, competent to, fit for, good enough for, ready for, strong enough, suitable for, up to
- match, counterpart, equivalent, rival, twin
- match, amount to, be tantamount to, correspond to, equate, level, parallel, tie with
Antonyms: unequal, inequitable
Contrasted words: different, disparate, divergent, diverse, varied, unalike, unequable, uneven, irregular, discriminating, discriminative, unfair
Related Idioms: one and the same, without distinction, amount to the same thing
Related Words: equable, even, uniform, alike, like, commensurate, corresponding, proportionate, companion, fellow, mate, peer, alter ego, double, twin, competitor, rival, similar, compare, parallel, accord, agree, square, tally, reach, beat, top
English Thesaurus: the same, just like/exactly like, identical, indistinguishable, equal, ...

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I. equal1 S1 W2 /ˈiːkwəl/ adjective
[Word Family: noun: equalityinequality, equal, equalizer; verb: equalize, equal; adverb: equallyunequally; adjective: equalunequal]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Latin; Origin: aequalis, from aequus 'level, equal']

1. SAME the same in size, number, amount, value etc as something else ⇒ equivalent
equal number/amount (of something)
Both candidates received an equal number of votes.
(of) equal value/importance
They believe that all work is of equal value.
equal in size/length/height etc
The two towns are roughly equal in size.
of equal size/length/height etc
equal to
The rent was equal to half his monthly income.

2. SAME RIGHTS/CHANCES having the same rights, opportunities etc as everyone else, whatever your race, religion, or sex:
Our constitution states that all men are equal.
Our education system should provide equal opportunities for all children.
The government is committed to achieving equal rights for women.

3. be equal to something
a) to have the ability to deal with a problem, piece of work etc successfully Synonym : be up to:
I’m not sure he’s equal to the task.
Are you equal to this challenge?
b) to be as good as something else:
The architecture here is equal to any in the world.

4. on equal terms/on an equal footing with neither side having any advantage over the other:
This law will help small businesses to compete on equal terms with large multinational corporations.

5. all (other) things being equal spoken if things are as you normally expect them to be:
All things being equal, a small car will cost less than a larger one.

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II. equal2 S2 verb (past tense and past participle equalled, present participle equalling British English, equaled, equaling American English)
[Word Family: noun: equalityinequality, equal, equalizer; verb: equalize, equal; adverb: equallyunequally; adjective: equalunequal]

1. [linking verb] to be exactly the same in size, number, or amount as something else:
Two plus two equals four.
Prices become more stable when supply equals demand.

2. [transitive] to be as good as something else, or get to the same standard as someone or something else:
Thompson equalled the world record.

3. be equalled (only) by something used to say that two things are as strong or as important as each other:
Her distaste for books was equalled only by her dislike of people.

4. [transitive] to produce a particular result or effect:
A highly-trained workforce equals high productivity.

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III. equal3 noun [countable]
[Word Family: noun: equalityinequality, equal, equalizer; verb: equalize, equal; adverb: equallyunequally; adjective: equalunequal]

1. someone who is as important, intelligent etc as you are, or who has the same rights and opportunities as you do:
He treats all his staff as equals.
a friendship between equals
equal in
She wasn’t his equal in intelligence.

2. be the equal of somebody/something to be as good as someone or something else:
The company proved to be the equal of its US rivals.

3. be without equal (also have no equal) formal to be better than everyone or everything else of the same type:
His paintings are without equal.

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I. same in size/quantity/value, etc.
VERBS be | become | make sth We moved some of the better players to make the two sides equal.
ADV. absolutely, exactly, in every way, precisely Their test results were equal in every way.
almost, nearly, virtually | about, approximately, more or less, roughly The EU nations together have an economy about equal in size to that of the US.
just | at least Fitness is important in sport, but of at least equal importance are skills.
PREP. in The two books are more or less equal in length.
to Three feet is roughly equal to one metre.

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II. having the same rights
VERBS be | be born I believe everyone is born equal.
ADV. genuinely, truly 3 equal to sth able to do sth
VERBS be, feel, prove, seem I hope that he proves equal to the challenge.
become | make sb I felt that nothing could make me equal to the demands being made of me.
ADV. more than I felt more than equal to the task.

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ADJ. intellectual, social
VERB + EQUAL regard sb as, treat sb as He did not regard himself as her intellectual equal.
PREP. as an ~ He talks even to small children as equals.
between ~s An interview should be a conversation between equals.
without ~ His guitar playing is without equal.
PHRASES be sb's equal I shall never be his equal at chess.
first among equals He was regarded as the ‘first among equals’ by the other office clerks.
have few equals When it comes to plain speaking, she has few equals.
have no equal In fighting, they had no equals.

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exactly equal
The food is shared out in exactly equal portions among all members of the community.
roughly/approximately equal
The number of buyers and sellers must be roughly equal before trading begins.
about/almost equal
They are about equal in height and weight.
an equal number/amount
Both candidates received an equal number of votes.
be of equal size/length/height etc
Draw two lines of equal length.
be equal in size/length/height etc
The population of each town is roughly equal in size.
be equal in value
Your pension will be equal in value to two thirds of your final year salary.
be equal in number/numbers
In higher education, women are equal in numbers to men.
of equal value/importance
He is remembered for his novels, but his scientific work is of equal importance.
equal rights
In many countries, women do not have equal rights with men.
equal opportunities
The government must make sure that all children have equal opportunities in education.
equal pay
The workers’ demands include equal pay for equal work.
equal access (=the same right to do or receive something)
The law states that disabled people must have equal access to employment.
equal treatment
Everyone should get equal treatment under the law.
be born equal
It is a myth that all men are born equal.
be created equal
They believe that everyone is created equal by God.

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