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essential /ɪˈsenʃəl/ adjective

حیاتی ، ضروری ، واجب ، بسیارلازم ، اصلی ، اساسی ، ذاتی ، جبلی ، لاینفک ، واقعی ، عمده ، مصادره کردن ، قانون ـ فقه: ذاتی ، علوم نظامی: ضروری
مهندسی صنایع: نیروی انسانی: ضروری - اساسی
تولید: ضروری - واجب کامپیوتر: اصلی

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- vital, crucial, important, indispensable, necessary, needed, requisite
- fundamental, basic, cardinal, elementary, innate, intrinsic, main, principal
- prerequisite, basic, fundamental, must, necessity, rudiment, sine qua non
Antonyms: accidental, nonessential
Contrasted words: conditional, contingent, dependent, secondary, subordinate, accessory, auxiliary, contributory, subsidiary, dispensable, unnecessary, unneeded, unrequired, unwanted
Related Idioms: name of the game
Related Words: basal, basic, underlying, capital, chief, foremost, leading, main, principal, primal, primary, prime, needed, needful, required, requisite, wanted, right-hand, vital, essence, stuff, substance, must, necessary, prerequisite, sine qua non
English Thesaurus: basic, fundamental, essential, central, vital, ...

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I. essential1 S3 W2 /ɪˈsenʃəl/ adjective
[Word Family: noun: essence, essentials ≠ inessentials; adverb: essentially; adjective: essentialinessential]

1. extremely important and necessary
essential for/to
A good diet is essential for everyone.
it is essential (that)
It is essential that our pilots are given the best possible training.
it is essential to do something
It is essential to book in advance.
Window locks are fairly cheap and absolutely essential.
Even in small companies, computers are an essential tool.

2. the essential part, quality, or feature of something is the most basic one Synonym : fundamental:
The essential difference between Sam and me was the fact that I took life seriously.
The essential point of relay racing is that it is a team effort.

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II. essential2 noun

1. [countable usually plural] something that is necessary to do something or in a particular situation Synonym : necessity:
She packed a few essentials.
We only had the bare essentials (=the most necessary things).

2. the essentials [plural] the basic and most important information or facts about a particular subject
the essentials of
We have no reason to doubt the essentials of the girl’s story.

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VERBS appear, be, seem | become It is becoming almost essential for students to have a second language.
remain | make sth Increased competition makes it essential for the business to innovate.
consider sth, deem sth, regard sth as, see sth as, think sth Do you consider these textbooks essential for the course?
ADV. really | absolutely | almost, virtually | fairly | by no means Although useful, the accessories are by no means essential.
PREP. for the skills essential for success
to He believed that some form of religion was essential to human life.

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essential information
You can get essential travel information from the website.
essential reading
The journal is essential reading for doctors.
essential services (=organizations such as the police or the fire or health service)
The law prohibits workers in essential services from striking.
absolutely/really essential
It is absolutely essential to keep this information secret.
be seen/regarded as essential
These measures are seen as essential for national security.
be considered/deemed essential
During the summer, air conditioning is considered essential.
play/perform an essential role in something
Antibiotics play an essential role in controlling infection.
the essential element
Hard work is the essential element of his success.
an essential ingredient
Most people believe that love is an essential ingredient in a marriage.
an essential difference
The essential difference between the two boats lies in the design of the hull.
the essential point
The essential point is that all children should have an equal opportunity to study.
an essential feature
A free press is an essential feature of a democracy.
an essential component
Controlling inflation is an essential component of the government’s economic strategy.
the essential nature of something
The essential nature of stem cells is that they are the source of all other cells in the body.

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