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establishment /ɪˈstæblɪʃmənt/ noun

محل کار ، تاسیس ، استقرار ، تشکیل ، بنا ، برقراری ، بنگاه ، موسسه ، دسته کارکنان ، برپایی ، قانون ـ فقه: موسسه ، بازرگانی: کارگاه ، علوم نظامی: برقرار کردن قرارگاه
- creation, formation, foundation, founding, inauguration, installation, institution, organization, setting up
- organization, business, company, concern, corporation, enterprise, firm, institution, outfit (informal)
- the Establishment: the authorities, ruling class, the powers that be, the system
Contrasted words: liberal(s)
Related Words: workplace, institute, institution, foundation, conservative(s), diehard(s)

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establishment W2 AC /ɪˈstæblɪʃmənt/ noun
[Word Family: verb: establish; noun: establishment; adjective: established]

1. [countable] formal an organization or institution, especially a business, shop etc:
a top class training establishment

2. the establishment the group of people in a society or profession who have a lot of power and influence and are often opposed to any kind of change or new ideas:
Young people are supposed to rebel against the Establishment.
the medical/legal/military etc establishment
The public is treated with contempt by the art establishment.

3. [uncountable] the act of starting an organization, relationship, or system
establishment of
the establishment of NATO in 1949

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I. act of starting sth
ADJ. formal the formal establishment of the republic in 1948
gradual, rapid
VERB + ESTABLISHMENT call for, support Opposition MPs are calling for the establishment of an independent food and drugs agency.
agree to, consent to | lead to This report led to the establishment of a special committee to investigate the matter.
allow (for), enable, provide for a law allowing the establishment of private television stations
announce | see The months that followed saw the establishment of a strong military presence in the region.
PREP. with the ~ of With the establishment of major new markets, the economy is thriving.

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II. shop/business/organization
ADJ. catering, educational, military, research, training She's now running a small government research establishment.
 ⇒ Note at ORGANIZATION (for verbs)

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III. the establishment: people in positions of power
ADJ. academic, art, literary, medical, musical, political, religious, scientific | British, French, etc. The British Establishment is very slow to accept change.
VERB + ESTABLISHMENT offend His abstract paintings offended the art establishment.

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an educational establishment (=a school, college etc)
It’s a large educational establishment with over 2,000 pupils.
a medical establishment (=a hospital)
New employees must undergo an examination at a medical establishment nominated by the Company.
a nuclear establishment (=a place where electricity is produced from nuclear fuel)
Local people are against having a nuclear establishment on their doorstep.
a catering establishment (=a restaurant, cafe etc)
She runs a successful catering establishment in Leeds.
a modest establishment formal (=a small business, shop etc)
Mineo’s Pizza House is a modest but busy establishment just off the High Street.
the British/American/Spanish etc establishment (=the people who have power in a particular country)
The affair caused acute embarrassment to the British establishment.
the political establishment (=the political rulers)
His resignation stunned the political establishment.
the military/defence establishment
The committee has many political figures who are close to the military establishment.
the scientific establishment
Professor Walker’s views are not shared by the scientific establishment.
the medical establishment
The measures were introduced despite protests from the medical establishment.
the religious/clerical establishment
His teachings were unacceptable to the religious establishment of the time.
the legal establishment
Prominent members of the legal establishment have opposed the bill.
the educational establishment
The proposals sent shock waves throughout the educational establishment.

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