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excellent /ˈeksələnt/ adjective

عالی ، ممتاز ، بسیارخوب ، شگرف
Synonyms: outstanding, brilliant, exquisite, fine, first-class, first-rate, good, great, superb, superlative, world-class
Antonyms: execrable
Contrasted words: mediocre, bad, inadequate, inferior, low, low-grade, low-quality, substandard, fourth-rate, second-class, second-rate, poor, shoddy, sorry, unsatisfactory, wretched, commonplace, ordinary
Related Idioms: all wool and a yard wide, beyond compare, out of this world
Related Words: high-class, high-grade, proper, rum, distinguished, exceptional, premium, brag, incomparable, magnificent, nobby, sensational, smart, superb, superlative, terrific, tip-top, unsurpassed
English Thesaurus: excellent, great, fantastic/terrific/wonderful, amazing/incredible, superb, ...

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excellent S1 W2 /ˈeksələnt/ adjective
[Word Family: noun: excellence, Excellency; verb: excel; adverb: excellently; adjective: excellent]

1. extremely good or of very high quality:
an excellent suggestion
His car is in excellent condition.
Second-hand computers can be excellent value.

2. spoken said when you approve of something Synonym : great:
‘I’ll bring the books over tonight.’ ‘Excellent.’
—excellently adverb

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VERBS appear, be, look, prove, seem, sound | become | consider sth The school is considered excellent.
ADV. most, really, truly | absolutely, quite | rather | generally The meals are generally excellent.
uniformly The performances and recordings are uniformly excellent.
apparently | potentially | otherwise In an otherwise excellent issue about global warming, I found Jeremy Creed's article very unconvincing.
PREP. at Clancey was excellent at keeping the kids under control.
for These potatoes are excellent for baking.

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