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exceptional /ɪkˈsepʃənəl/ adjective

استثنایی ، قانون ـ فقه: استثنائی
- special, abnormal, atypical, extraordinary, irregular, odd, peculiar, strange, unusual
- remarkable, excellent, extraordinary, marvellous, outstanding, phenomenal, prodigious, special, superior
Antonyms: unexceptional, average
Contrasted words: frequent, common, commonplace, familiar, ordinary, usual, run-of-the-mill
Related Words: infrequent, scarce, distinct, notable, noteworthy, good, excellent, marvelous, outstanding, phenomenal, wonderful, extraordinary, singular, special
English Thesaurus: excellent, great, fantastic/terrific/wonderful, amazing/incredible, superb, ...

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exceptional /ɪkˈsepʃənəl/ adjective

1. unusually good Synonym : outstanding:
an exceptional student
exceptional bravery

2. unusual and likely not to happen often:
This is an exceptional case; I’ve never seen anything like it before.
Promotion in the first year is only given in exceptional circumstances.

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VERBS be | remain | consider sb/sth The head teacher considers Jamie's performance altogether exceptional.
ADV. highly, really, very | altogether, quite, wholly

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exceptional talent/ability/skill
He showed exceptional talent even as a youngster.
exceptional quality
This is a wine of exceptional quality.
exceptional bravery/courage
Fire crews showed exceptional bravery.
quite exceptional (=very exceptional)
The level of effort involved is really quite exceptional.
truly exceptional (=really or extremely exceptional)
The film features a truly exceptional cast, including Oscar winner Denzel Washington.
the most exceptional (=the best)
George Best was one of the most exceptional footballers of all time.
an exceptional case
In the 1950s, some working class students went on to university, but these were exceptional cases.
an exceptional event
If an exceptional event occurs, such as the death of a family member, you can ask for the court case to be postponed.
the exceptional nature of something (=the very unusual qualities or features that something has)
In view of the exceptional nature of your crime, this court sentences you to a minimum of twenty years.
most exceptional (=very exceptional)
A child will only be removed from the parental home in the most exceptional of cases.
highly exceptional (=extremely exceptional)
A loan of this size is highly exceptional.
in exceptional circumstances (=when a situation is extremely unusual)
The U.S. will only issue a visitor visa at short notice in exceptional circumstances.
give somebody exceptional leave to do something formal (=give someone special permission to do something)
Two of the asylum seekers were given exceptional leave to stay in Britain.

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