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excitement /ɪkˈsaɪtmənt/ noun

برانگیختگی ، شور ، تهییج ، قانون ـ فقه: تحریک ، روانشناسی: برانگیختگی جنسی
Synonyms: agitation, action, activity, animation, commotion, furore, passion, thrill

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excitement S3 W3 /ɪkˈsaɪtmənt/ noun
[Word Family: adjective: excitable, excited, excitingunexciting, excitable; noun: excitement, excitability; adverb: excitedly, excitingly; verb: excite]

1. [uncountable] the feeling of being excited
excitement of
the excitement of becoming a parent
excitement at
The children were filled with excitement at the thought of visiting Disneyland.
in the excitement/in your excitement
In all the excitement, I left my wallet behind.
In his excitement he couldn't remember her name

2. [countable] an exciting event or situation:
We were both new to the excitements of life in the big city.

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ADJ. considerable, fierce, great, high, intense, tremendous | breathless, febrile, feverish, heady, wild | genuine, real, sheer | initial | sudden | growing, heightened, mounting | added, further | suppressed | nervous, restless | guilty | pleasurable | strange | vicarious The reader of adventure stories wants romance and vicarious excite
youthful | intellectual, physical, political, sexual
QUANT. flicker, flurry, flush, frisson, ripple, surge She felt a surge of excitement when she heard the song.
VERB + EXCITEMENT be bubbling with, be filled with, be flushed with, be sick with, be trembling/tingling with, feel Her face was flushed with excitement. She was almost sick with excitement and apprehension.
cause, generate The news caused tremendous excitement among scientists.
conceal, control, hide, suppress He couldn't suppress the excitement in his voice.
add The element of risk just adds excitement.
EXCITEMENT + VERB build up, grow, mount, rise The tension and excitement built up gradually all day.
die down, evaporate, wear off
PREP. in ~ clapping her hands in excitement
~ among The news has caused great excitement among scientists.
~ at her excitement at the prospect of a new job
~ of the excitement of meeting new people
PHRASES an air of excitement There was an air of excitement about the place.
a feeling/sense of excitement, a fever/state of excitement

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cause/generate excitement
The arrival of a stranger caused some excitement in the village.
hide/conceal your excitement
He tried to hide his excitement, but his voice was shaking.
control/contain your excitement
She could hardly control her excitement when I told her the news.
be trembling with excitement (=to be shaking slightly because you are so excited)
Her hands were trembling with excitement as she opened the letter.
somebody's excitement grows (=it increases)
Her excitement grew as the day of the wedding came nearer.
the excitement wears off (=it gradually becomes less)
The initial excitement of my new job was starting to wear off.
the excitement dies down (=people stop feeling excited)
The excitement after last month's elections is beginning to die down.
great/enormous/tremendous excitement
There is great excitement about the Pope's visit.
The news causes tremendous excitement.
growing/mounting excitement
The children waited with growing excitement.
sheer excitement (=a very strong feeling of excitement)
Nothing can beat driving a racing car for sheer excitement.
real/genuine excitement
A goal two minutes from the end provided the game's only genuine excitement.
nervous/restless excitement (=a feeling of being worried and unable to relax)
My nervous excitement increased with each passing minute.
intense excitement (=a very strong feeling of excitement)
I can still remember the intense excitement of going to see my first football match.
heady excitement (=strong excitement about what you might achieve)
Back then, there was the heady excitement of discovering feminism and getting involved in politics.
youthful/childlike excitement
Her voice was full of youthful excitement.
be full of/filled with excitement
They were full of excitement at the thought of meeting a real movie star.
a sense/feeling of excitement
He woke up that morning with a feeling of excitement.
a state of excitement
It seemed that the whole country was in a state of excitement.
an air of excitement (=a general feeling of excitement among a group of people)
There was a real air of excitement before the game.
a surge/buzz of excitement (=a sudden feeling of excitement)
As soon as he noticed her name on the list, a surge of excitement ran through him.
There is a buzz of excitement inside the stadium.
a flurry of excitement (=an occasion when there is suddenly a lot of excitement about something)
The takeover bid has caused a flurry of excitement in the City.
a ripple of excitement (=a feeling of excitement that spreads through a group of people)
A ripple of excitement went through the audience as the lights dimmed.
a flicker of excitement (=a feeling of excitement that lasts a very short time )
He felt a flicker of excitement when he heard someone mention his name.

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