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exhibition /ˌeksəˈbɪʃən, ˌeksɪˈbɪʃən/ noun

نمایش ، ارائه ، نمایشگاه ، حقوق تقاعد ، روانشناسی: نمایش ، بازرگانی: ارائه
Synonyms: display, demonstration, exposition, performance, presentation, representation, show, spectacle
Related Words: manifestation, sight, demonstration, display, offering, presentation, showing
English Thesaurus: exhibition, show, exhibit, fair, exposition, ...

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exhibition W2 AC /ˌeksəˈbɪʃən, ˌeksɪˈbɪʃən/ noun
[Word Family: noun: exhibition, exhibitor, exhibit; verb: exhibit]

1. [countable] especially British English a show of paintings, photographs, or other objects that people can go to see
exhibition of
an exhibition of black and white photographs
stage/mount/hold etc an exhibition
The museum is staging an exhibition of Picasso’s work.

2. [uncountable] when something such as a painting is shown in a public place
exhibition of
She never agreed to the public exhibition of her sculptures while she was still alive.
on exhibition
A collection of paintings by David Hockney is on exhibition at the Museum of Art.

3. exhibition of something a situation in which someone shows a particular skill, feeling, or type of behaviour Synonym : display:
I’ve never seen such an exhibition of jealousy.

4. make an exhibition of yourself to behave in a silly or embarrassing way Synonym : make a fool of yourself

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ADJ. big, large | small | important, major a major exhibition of the painter's work
annual, summer | international, local | private, public | permanent | changing, special, temporary The library has a policy of mounting changing exhibitions. There is a series of special exhibitions throughout the year.
touring, travelling a touring exhibition of Impressionist drawings
collaborative, joint | one-man, one-person, one-woman, solo By 1914 Picasso had held one-man exhibitions in England, Germany and Spain.
retrospective | art, craft, photographic, etc. | trade the international food trade exhibition in Cologne
VERB + EXHIBITION have, hold, host The museum hosted a big exhibition of her work last year.
house The old factory has been converted to house an exhibition.
attend, go to, see, visit | arrange, organize, plan | display, mount, present, put on, show, stage They plan to stage an art exhibition in a nearby town. | launch, open The mayor will open the exhibition next week.
sponsor | go on The Mappa Mundi will go on permanent exhibition at Hereford Cathedral.
EXHIBITION + VERB open The exhibition opens at the Tate Gallery in July.
close, end | be on, be on view, run, take place The exhibition runs from 11 April to 5 July.
continue | move (on) to The exhibition moves on to the National Gallery, Washington, next month.
be called sth, be entitled sth | comprise sth, cover sth, feature sth, include sth, show sth The exhibition includes drawings by Rembrandt.
illustrate sth, trace sth an exhibition illustrating the history and development of the university | be dedicated to sb/sth, be devoted to sb/sth an exhibition devoted to female painters
EXHIBITION + NOUN centre, gallery, hall, venue | space The new wing will provide 20,000 more square feet of exhibition space.
stand Hundreds of firms had exhibition stands.
catalogue | programme the gallery's exhibition programme for next year
PREP. on ~ A selection of her paintings is on exhibition at the Whitechapel Art Gallery.
~ of an exhibition of contemporary art
~ on an exhibition on local history
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have an exhibition
The college is having an exhibition of the students’ work in April.
hold/mount/stage an exhibition formal (=have an exhibition)
Hayward Gallery is mounting an impressive exhibition of new British artists.
put on an exhibition (=have an exhibition)
Last summer the museum put on some wonderful exhibitions for children.
host an exhibition formal (=provide the place for an exhibition)
Boston’s Museum of Fine Art hosts temporary exhibitions alongside its permanent collection.
go to an exhibition (also attend/visit an exhibition formal)
We went to an exhibition of Russian art at the National Gallery.
see an exhibition
We also saw an exhibition of paintings by Sydney Lough Thompson, a New Zealand artist.
arrange/organize an exhibition
The trust arranged an exhibition of his drawings in New York.
promote an exhibition (=tell the public about it)
Our press officer contacted the local radio and TV stations to promote the exhibition.
a big/large exhibition
This is the largest exhibition of its kind that we have ever seen in London.
an important exhibition
an important exhibition of twentieth century art
a major exhibition (=large and important)
His work is the subject of a major exhibition at the National Gallery.
a small exhibition
The library held a small exhibition showcasing the work of local artists.
a permanent exhibition
The museum hosts a permanent exhibition of Boston’s history.
a temporary exhibition
Temporary exhibitions are usually held in the basement.
a touring/travelling exhibition (=one that moves from place to place)
The touring exhibition is scheduled to be in Dallas from March until June.
a retrospective exhibition (=one that shows work from the past)
a retrospective exhibition celebrating 150 years of photography
an exhibition centre British English, an exhibition center American English (=a large building for holding exhibitions)
The exhibition will be held in the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham.
an exhibition hall
There’s a large exhibition hall on the ground floor.
an exhibition stand (=a stand for showing things at an exhibition)
He took up his position at the exhibition stand.
exhibition space (=space where exhibitions can be held)
The building provides 125,000 square metres of exhibition space in 12 halls.
an exhibition venue (=a place where exhibitions can be held)
We are still looking for suitable exhibition venues.

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