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exist /ɪɡˈzɪst/ verb [intransitive not in progressive]

زیستن ، وجود داشتن ، موجود بودن ، بودن
کامپیوتر: وجود داشتن

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- be, be present, endure, live, occur, survive
- survive, eke out a living, get along or by, keep one's head above water, stay alive, subsist

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exist S2 W1 /ɪɡˈzɪst/ verb [intransitive not in progressive]
[Word Family: noun: existencenon-existence, existent, existentialism, existentialist, coexistence; adjective: existentnonexistent, existing, pre-existing, existential, existentialist; verb: exist, coexist]
[Date: 1600-1700; Language: Latin; Origin: exsistere 'to come into being, exist', from sistere 'to stand']

1. to happen or be present in a particular situation or place:
The custom of arranged marriages still exists in many countries.
Opportunities exist for students to gain sponsorship.
Stop pretending that the problem doesn’t exist.
The club will cease to exist if financial help is not found.

2. to be real or alive:
Do fairies really exist?
Tom acts as if I don’t exist at times.

3. to stay alive, especially in a difficult situation when you do not have enough money, food etc Synonym : survive
exist on
The hostages existed on bread and water.

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ADV. actually, really Do these creatures really exist?
already, still Few of these monkeys still exist in the wild.
currently | independently He argued that ideas do not exist independently of the language that expresses them.
VERB + EXIST be known to the enormous volcanoes now known to exist on Mars
continue to | cease to

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really/actually exist
Do you think ghosts really exist?
already exist
Legislation to protect us from terrorists already exists.
currently exist
No treaty currently exists between the two countries.
still exist (=existing in the past and continuing to exist)
A number of his early photographs still exist.
continue to exist
We all hope the human race will continue to exist for millions of years.
cease to exist (=stop existing)
Many of these companies will cease to exist in five years' time.
be known to exist
Seven copies of the original book are still known to exist.
the right to exist
The president issued a statement recognizing Kosovo's right to exist.

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BAD: The problem of hunger has been existing for centuries.
GOOD: The problem of hunger has existed for centuries.

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