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EXIT /ˈeɡzət, ˈeɡzɪt, ˈeksət/
exit /ˈeɡzət, ˈeɡzɪt, ˈeksət/ noun [countable]

عزیمت ، مرگ ، بیرون رفتن ، خروج بازیگر از صحنه ء نمایش ، دررو ، مخرج ، خارج شدن ، کامپیوتر: خروج ، عمران: خروج ، معماری: خروجی ، علوم نظامی: درگذشت
الکترونیک: خروج ، کامپیوتر: خروجی ، معماری: خروج ، عزیمت ، مرگ ، درگذشت ، علوم نظامی: خروج ، عمران: خروج ، بیرون رفتن ، خروج بازیگر از صحنه ی نمایش ، دررو، مخرج ، خارج شدن کامپیوتر: خارج شدن کامپیوتر: خروج

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- way out, door, gate, outlet
- departure, exodus, farewell, going, goodbye, leave-taking, retreat, withdrawal
- depart, go away, go offstage (Theatre), go out, leave, make tracks, retire, retreat, take one's leave, withdraw
Antonyms: entry, entrance, enter
Contrasted words: arrive, come
Related Idioms: make an (or one's) exit

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EXIT /ˈeɡzət, ˈeɡzɪt, ˈeksət/
a British organization which aims to change the law against helping seriously ill people to die if they wish to. The organization gives advice to such people and their families. The Hemlock Society is a similar organization in the US. ⇒ euthanasia

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I. exit1 S3 /ˈeɡzət, ˈeɡzɪt, ˈeksət/ noun [countable]
[Date: 1500-1600; Language: Latin; Origin: exitus, from the past participle of exire 'to go out']

1. a door or space through which you can leave a public room, building etc:
We made for the nearest exit.
an exit door
Two men were blocking her exit.
emergency/fire exit (=a special door used only when there is a fire etc)

2. [usually singular] when you leave a room or building:
They made a quick exit when they saw the police approaching.

3. a place where vehicles can leave a road such as a motorway, and join another road:
Take the next exit for Lynchburg.

4. [usually singular] when someone stops being involved in a competition or business, especially because they have not been successful Synonym : departure:
France’s early exit from the World Cup

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II. exit2 verb [intransitive and transitive]

1. formal to leave a place
exit from/through
I exited through a side window.
He exited the courtroom in a fury.

2. to stop using a computer program:
Press F3 to exit.

3. used in the instructions of a play to tell an actor to leave the stage:
Exit Hamlet, bearing the body of Polonius.

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I. way out
ADJ. front, rear, side | emergency, fire | the nearest She headed for the nearest exit.
VERB + EXIT head for, make for | bar, block Do not leave bags lying around which could block the emergency exits.
EXIT + NOUN door, gate, route
PREP. to/towards the ~ They moved to the exits.

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II. act of leaving
ADJ. fast, hurried, quick, swift | dignified | early her early exit from the tournament, in only the second round
VERB + EXIT make She turned on her heel and made what she hoped was a dignified exit.
EXIT + NOUN visa
PREP. ~ from a mass exit of members from the party

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III. for traffic
ADJ. motorway | northbound, southbound, etc.
VERB + EXIT take
PREP. ~ for At the roundabout, take the exit for Swindon and Bristol.
~ from Traffic lights control the exit from the M8 at Newbridge.

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a fire/emergency exit (=a special door, used if there is an emergency or a fire)
Fire crews discovered that the club’s fire exit door had been locked.
the front/rear/side exit
When the lights dimmed, she slipped out by the rear exit.
the nearest exit
Please leave the building in an orderly fashion, using the nearest exit.
head for/make for the exit (=go to the exit)
Disappointed fans began heading for the exits.
use an exit
In the event of a fire, please use the emergency exit nearest to you.
an exit door
Exit doors shouldn’t be blocked at any time.
an exit route (=a way out of a building, plane etc, used in an emergency or a fire)
Staff must become familiar with the building’s exit routes.
an exit sign (=one showing where an exit is)
There was a red glowing exit sign over the door.
make your exit (=to leave)
And then, kissing them both goodbye, he made his exit.
make a quick/hurried etc exit
I chatted to a few people, then made a quick exit.
a quick/fast exit (=done more quickly than usual)
I made a quick exit before the speeches began.
a hurried/swift exit (=very quick)
The family made a hurried exit, leaving many of their belongings behind.
a dignified exit (=when someone leaves in a way that makes people respect them)
Marco did his best to make a dignified exit, but with the amount he’d drunk, it proved difficult.
an undignified exit (=when someone leaves in a way that is embarrassing or makes them look silly)
She made a rather undignified exit, tripping down the step.
take an exit/turn off at an exit
Take the next exit, junction 15.
the northbound/southbound etc exit
The northbound exit to the A139 will be closed until 6 a.m. on Monday.
a motorway exit British English, a highway/freeway exit AmE:
He signalled a right as he came to his freeway exit.
an exit sign (=one showing the names of places or roads near an exit)
Stay on the same road until you see an exit sign for Rhode Island.

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