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expert /ˈekspɜːt $ -ɜːrt/ noun [countable]
expert adjective

ویژه گر ، ویژه کار ، متخصص ، کارشناس ، ماهر ، خبره ، معماری: کارشناس ، قانون ـ فقه: کارشناس ، اهل خبره ، روانشناسی: کارشناس ، بازرگانی: خبره ، علوم نظامی: تیرانداز ممتاز
مهندسی صنایع: ماهر ، خبره ، متخصص

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- master, authority, connoisseur, dab hand (Brit. informal), past master, professional, specialist, virtuoso
- skilful, adept, adroit, experienced, masterly, practised, professional, proficient, qualified, virtuoso
Antonyms: amateur, inexpert
Contrasted words: unpracticed, unschooled, dabbler, dilettante, tyro, apprentice, novice, probationer
Related Words: schooled, trained, adroit, deft, dexterous, pro, professional, darb, specialist
English Thesaurus: expert, specialist, authority, connoisseur, buff, ...

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I. expert1 S3 W2 AC /ˈekspɜːt $ -ɜːrt/ noun [countable]
[Word Family: noun: expert, expertise; adverb: expertlyinexpertly; adjective: expertinexpert]
[Date: 1800-1900; Language: French; Origin: Old French; expert2]
someone who has a special skill or special knowledge of a subject, gained as a result of training or experience
expert on
He’s a world expert on marine mammals.
expert in
an expert in statistics
medical/technical/financial etc expert
Tests should be administered by a medical expert.

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II. expert2 W3 AC adjective
[Word Family: noun: expert, expertise; adverb: expertlyinexpertly; adjective: expertinexpert]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: Latin expertus, past participle of experiri; experience1]

1. having a special skill or special knowledge of a subject Antonym : inexpert
expert on/in/at
The police are expert at handling situations like this in strict confidence.
He cast his expert eye on the gardener’s work.

2. relating to or coming from an expert:
Ministers depend on civil servants for expert advice.
—expertly adverb
—expertness noun [uncountable]

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ADJ. real | leading | acknowledged, recognized | professional, qualified | self-proclaimed, self-styled | so-called | international, world She is a world expert on butterflies.
local | independent, outside | computer, financial, gardening, health, legal, marketing, medical, military, scientific, technical, etc.
QUANT. committee, panel, team A panel of experts will answer questions from the television audience.
VERB + EXPERT consult, take advice from, talk to
EXPERT + VERB advise sb/sth, agree sth, argue sth, believe sth, claim sth, fear sth, predict sth, reckon sth, recommend sth, say sth Experts agree that a balanced diet is the key to great health.
PREP. ~ at He's an expert at getting his own way.
~ in an expert in skin care
~ on an expert on European art

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a leading expert (=one of the best and most respected)
He is one of the country’s leading experts on Islam.
a world/international expert (=one who is known in many different countries)
She is a world expert on tropical diseases.
an independent expert (=someone who is not controlled by, or does not receive money from, an organization or the government)
The authorities called in an independent expert to advise them.
a medical/legal/financial etc expert (=someone who has special skills related to a particular job or subject)
Medical experts agree that screening can prevent deaths from breast cancer.
a so-called expert (=someone who says they are an expert, but who you do not respect very much)
There are many so-called experts willing to tell you how to bring up your children.
experts say something
Experts are saying that the economy is likely to improve towards the end of this year.
experts believe something
Legal experts believe that the evidence will not be accepted in court.
experts advise/recommend something
Most financial experts recommend that you don''t borrow money on credit cards.
talk to/consult an expert (=ask an expert for information or advice)
If cracks appear in your house, you should consult an expert to find out what is causing the problem.
get/obtain/seek advice from an expert (=ask an expert for information or advice)
Don’t make big financial decisions without first seeking advice from an expert.
a team/panel of experts
You can get advice from our panel of gardening experts.

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