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explanatory /ɪkˈsplænətəri $ -tɔːri/ adjective

توضیحی ، شرحی ، بیانگر ، روشنگر ، روانشناسی: تبیینی
Synonyms: descriptive, illustrative, interpretive
Antonyms: obfuscatory
Contrasted words: baffling, bewildering, confusing, misleading, mystifying, puzzling
Related Words: enlightening, illuminating, discursive, demonstrative, illustrative

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explanatory /ɪkˈsplænətəri $ -tɔːri/ adjective
[Word Family: adjective: unexplained, explanatory, explicableinexplicable; noun: explaining, explanation; verb: explain; adverb: inexplicably]
giving information about something or describing how something works, in order to make it easier to understand:
There are explanatory notes at the end of each chapter.

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