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explosion /ɪkˈspləʊʒən $ -ˈsploʊ-/ noun

احتراق ، ترکش ، انفجار ، بیرون ریزی ، سروصدا ، هیاهو ، علوم مهندسی: احتراق ، عمران: انفجار ، معماری: انفجار ، بازرگانی: لیست اجزای بکاررفته در یک محصول ، علوم نظامی: منفجر کردن ترکیدن
- bang, blast, burst, clap, crack, detonation, discharge, report
- outburst, eruption, fit, outbreak
English Thesaurus: increase, go up, rise, grow, escalate, ...

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explosion W3 /ɪkˈspləʊʒən $ -ˈsploʊ-/ noun
[Word Family: adjective: exploding, explosive, exploded, unexploded; noun: explosion, explosive; verb: explode; adverb: explosively]

1. [countable] a loud sound and the energy produced by something such as a bomb bursting into small pieces ⇒ explode
bomb/gas/nuclear explosion
Several people were injured in a bomb explosion.
We heard a loud explosion.
huge/massive etc explosion
A massive explosion ripped through the building.

2. [uncountable and countable] a process in which something such as a bomb is deliberately made to explode:
Police carried out a controlled explosion of the device.

3. [countable] a sudden or quick increase in the number or amount of something:
the population explosion in India
explosion of
the recent explosion of interest in Latin music and dance

4. [countable] a sudden expression of emotion, especially anger Synonym : outburst

5. [countable] a sudden very loud noise
explosion of
an explosion of laughter

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I. sudden loud bursting/exploding
ADJ. almighty, big, deafening, enormous, huge, loud, major, massive, powerful, serious, tremendous, violent | minor, small | muffled There was a muffled explosion somewhere on their right.
distant The floor shook with a distant explosion.
controlled | test a nuclear test explosion
accidental | bomb, chemical, gas, mine, volcanic | atomic, nuclear | terrorist | political, social (figurative) The shock waves of this political explosion engulfed the whole of Europe.
VERB + EXPLOSION cause, set off, trigger The build-up of gas caused a small explosion.
carry out Bomb disposal experts carried out a controlled explosion on the suspect package.
hear | prevent
EXPLOSION + VERB come, happen, occur, take place The explosion came 20 minutes after a coded warning to the police. The explosion occurred just after midday.
shake sth The explosion shook nearby homes.
destroy sth, rip through sth, wreck sth A massive explosion ripped through the chemical works.
injure sb, kill sb | echo A loud explosion echoed round the valley.
PREP. in an/the ~ 3 people were injured in the explosion.

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II. sudden large increase
ADJ. sudden | veritable In the 1860s a veritable explosion of major scientific publications took place.
population | information trying to keep up with the information explosion
price, wage
EXPLOSION + VERB occur, take place
PREP. ~ in a sudden explosion in the number of students
~ of an explosion of interest in learning Japanese

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a big explosion
There has been a big explosion in the centre of Paris.
a huge/massive/enormous explosion
An enormous explosion tore the roof off the building.
a tremendous explosion (=very big and powerful)
The torpedo struck the side of the ship, followed by a tremendous explosion.
a powerful explosion
The powerful explosion was heard from Portland, Maine to Albany, New York.
a major explosion formal
We are getting reports of a major explosion at the oil refinery.
a loud explosion
We heard several loud explosions followed by an eerie silence.
a deafening explosion (=extremely loud)
The building collapsed in a deafening explosion.
an almighty explosion old-fashioned (=extremely loud)
There was an almighty explosion and I was knocked to the ground.
a muffled explosion (=one that is not heard very clearly)
We could just make out a muffled explosion from deep inside the mine.
a nuclear/atomic explosion
This is the site of the first ever nuclear explosion.
a gas explosion
Firefighters say that a gas explosion destroyed the building.
a volcanic explosion (=one caused by a volcano)
You could see where a volcanic explosion had blown the mountain peak away.
cause an explosion
The police do not yet know what caused the explosion.
set off/trigger an explosion (=cause an explosion)
Investigators believe a fuel leak may have triggered the explosion.
carry out an explosion (=cause one deliberately)
By 1942, the United States had carried out test explosions with nuclear bombs.
hear an explosion
Marie was reading in bed when she heard the explosion.
an explosion takes place/happens
The largest explosion took place at the main post office.
an explosion occurs formal
The explosion occurred just off the coast of Greece.
an explosion shakes something
A series of explosions shook the building.
an explosion destroys something
Seven people died when the explosion destroyed the bus.
an explosion kills somebody
Last year, an underground explosion killed 82 miners.
a sudden explosion
Henry thought she was going to laugh, but then there was a sudden explosion of sobbing.
a population explosion
The decision not to plant the fields led to a population explosion in rabbits.
an explosion of interest in something
There has been an explosion of interest in networking websites in the last few years.
an explosion of violence
The army had to cope with the explosion of violence that followed the elections.
an explosion of anger
The verdict was greeted by an explosion of public anger.
an explosion of colour literary
After the rain, the desert bloomed in an explosion of color.

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